Trump Suggested Obama Is An Apologist for Radicals, Here’s Why


“I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, but I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.” ~ Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Communications Director

Jake Tapper was worked up about comments Donald Trump made suggesting there is something unacceptable going on with our president and he used as an example, his refusal to name the enemy – radical Islamic terrorists. Tapper said he might have meant that Obama is sympathetic to ISIS.

Trump might have meant Obama was an apologist for them or afraid of them, not necessarily sympathetic though that’s how Tapper took it.

In any case, there are many reasons to wonder what Barack Obama is doing.


Yet, it is Hillary Clinton herself who said that to defeat the enemy we must show “respect”, “understanding” and “empathy” for our enemies like ISIS, the people who want to kill us and bring the war to us. The very same people who behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, enslave women, and torture everyone.

She calls it “smart power.”

It seems that rather than having nefarious motives, Barack Obama is using smart power and for that reason alone, Trump has the right to question. Theres not much about it that’s “smart”.

The Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) is a mouthpiece for some very anti-American groups but the White House consults with them. It is because of this and other organizations like it and tied to it, that the words, “jihad” and “Islamic terrorism” have been obliterated from the FBI manual. Read more on this link.

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation during The Holy Land trial.

CAIR announced solidarity with LGBTs on Sunday but they are not their friends.

There are many links between CAIR and Hamas, a terrorist organization. CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Republics. They work deceptively to undermine the principles of government.

They are always first out on demands for gun control or to protect against “Islamophobia”.

CAIR came out immediately to protect clock boy when he didn’t need protecting. The narrative they promote is when you see something, do nothing.

CAIR is opposed to the no-fly list but not because of guns, they want us disarmed, but because so many Islamists make the list. They are opposed to surveillance.

CAIR has been at the forefront of terrorism in this country. When the San Bernardino jihadis committed their heinous act, it was CAIR that represented the family, condemned the act but immediately proclaimed their fear of a rise in Islamophobia. They singlehandedly promote the overhyped, pretty much non-existent Islamophobia.

On December 18th, the White House ignored moderate Muslims who are trying to reform more radical elements in favor of inviting the UAE-designated terrorist group and the FBI unindexed co-conspirator CAIR as advisors.

Hassan Shibly, the CEO for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) went to the White House as a representative of the American Muslim community. The meeting was on combatting religious discrimination.

Shibly accused the FBI of killing two men in cold blood in separate incidents.

Since 2008, FBI policy has barred outreach communication with CAIR officials due to documents seized by law enforcement which place CAIR and its founders at the heart of a Hamas-support network at the time of CAIR’s creation. Eyewitness interviews recently obtained by the International Project on Terrorism further detail CAIR’s ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just the same, they are sought out by the White House.

In the video below, you can listen to Shibly on “mass shootings”, violent Christians, removal of Assad, and the US imperialism. Dissenters against Islam are dangerous and out of touch. This interview took place immediately after the San Bernardino jihadist attack.

A number of CAIR officials have been arrested for terrorism:

More information on this link:

Designated a Terrorist Group, CAIR Continues to Influence US Policy

The following deals with CAIR’s convicted terrorists from The United West.