Trump Supporter Attacked for Wearing a Trump Hat


A man was viciously attacked for wearing a Trump hat to a rally he thought was peaceful. The police rescued him. He felt his life was in danger.

When the Tea Party rallied, the mainstream media tried to portray them as violent though there was no evidence of that. Since then we’ve had the violent Occupy Wall Street, violent Ferguson ralliers storming the nation and including Black Lives Matter, The Revolutionary Communist Party, The Nation of Islam and other separatist and Communist or Socialist groups.

The media won’t pick this up because they are corrupt leftists. There is no doubt that if they did cover it, they would blame the victim and justify the crowd physically kicking and punching him. He should be allowed to go to any rally he wants wearing whatever hat he wants. Do you agree?

We don’t have freedom of assembly or the right to wear hats any more in the USA. The mobs control the streets.