Trump Trashing Actress Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Break from Acting After Movie Bombs


Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie ‘Mother’ has bombed and it’s her worst bomb yet, pulling in only $7.5 million over the weekend. She has no movies lined up for the next two years and told NBC’s Today co-host Savannah Guthrie last Thursday that she’s planning on taking a break from acting.

Doesn’t sound like she has much of a choice. No loss.

Lawrence promoted the film during a recent interview while blaming hurricanes on President Trump. She has often trashed Trump and his supporters, claiming his victory would mark “the end of the world”.

Besides Trump, she frequently bashes white men and Christians.

The star’s political activism, Breitbart News’ John Nolte notes, may be hurting her box office brand.

“Almost exactly five years after the release of House at the End of the Street — despite numerous Oscar nominations (and a win) and starring in two huge franchises (Hunger Games, X-Men), Lawrence’s hateful and bigoted mouth, her relentless attacks on men, Christians, President Trump and his supporters — could result in a record low opening for a Jennifer Lawrence film in wide release,” Nolte writes.

The NFL and ESPN are also suffering because of their leftist activism though USA Today is trying to claim the decline is because Colin Kaepernicek hasn’t been offered a job. It’s far more likely it’s because he had a job and used it to show disrespect for the U.S. flag and the nation by kneeling during the anthem and constantly trashing America.

Last night’s Emmys were a despicable display of anti-Trump hate and they suffered the worst ratings in their history.


  1. Half the country didn’t like Obama but you didn’t have idiots in the streets causing problems, crazy lady in restaurant’s telling blind man she don’t want him there with his dog while she is there, Hillary blaming her loss on whoever is in her way, ( and still going ) they are mad because they want socialism and thats it. It’s all leftist protesters and having tantrums, all the others feels now is the time to start their bullshit with the other’s, alone they don’t have much impact,

  2. On Lawrence’s facebook page she says that it was taken grossly out of context.

    well…in what context does saying that hurricanes were sent to punish people who voted for Trump does not mean hurricanes were sent to punish people who voted for Trump.

    Care to explain my dear Jennifer?

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