Trump Was Right Again! Often-Fired Michelle Fields Kicked to the Street




Apparently Trump was not right again or was he?  Police have arrested Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, because they believe he is guilty of misdemeanor battery. Actually he turned himself in but he now has an arrest record.

Here is one of the photos that might prove guilt or not. You decide.

The photo that damns Lewandowksi. Should we start calling him Lyin' Lewandowski?
The photo that damns Lewandowksi or not. 


At least for now and likely permanently, Michelle Fields will not be appearing on Fox News’ Cashin In with Eric Bolling, who has been her mentor.

Michelle Fields has filed a police report claiming Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski nearly pulled her to the ground and bruised her arm pulling her away from Trump as she tried to ask a question. Since then, a number of videos and reports indicate her story is not as reported and she has been put on indefinite leave from Fox News.

The Daily Beast first reported that she was fired but Fox responded to that report differently:

“There was never any discussion or directive to remove Michelle Fields from the program and certainly not by Eric Bolling. The only recent conversation about her appearances on “Cashin In” was with a show producer last night and they mutually agreed to take her role as a guest panelist on a week to week basis,” the spokesperson said.

A Politico source said Fields was told last night she could not be impartial in covering the campaign and would be off the show until further notice.

That’s pretty funny – she can’t be objective. Have they listened to Megyn Kelly lately? She spends 25% and more of her show ripping Trump. She’s using her favorite contributors to do the dirty work while she looks on innocently. That’s not to say she hasn’t been Trump’s subject for attacks.

The word is that Field’s appearance will be evaluated from week to week.

Bolling has allegedly not spoken with her since the incident.

Whether Ms. Fields is right or wrong is hard to say.

The videos do not seem to support her version of the story but who knows what the police have.

This is a better video which I found at The Gateway Pundit and it is Jim Hoft who has had a lot to do with this exposure along with Chuck C. Johnson at GotNews. It’s still not proof-positive.

According to Got News, Fields is now being investigated by the Jupiter police department for filing a fake police report thanks to video that was made public.

GotNews’s Chuck C. Johnson, a conservative maverick journalist, said he first met Fields in the context of a fight she caused at Young Americans for Freedom where her ex-boyfriend Chris Garcia ended up being slashed with a key by her alleged then-current lover Oliver Cooper.



  1. Furthermore, Fields is soon releasing a book of hers, so there is suspicion that this “publicity stunt” she ostensibly invented was a P.R. ad for increasing book sales.

    • That’s a dumb move on her part. She’s very talented but this is ruining her. She should have been more loyal. Breitbart gave her a great opportunity.

      • Truly talented reporters don’t have to lie in their reports and then again on camera. Damn those other pesky videos. I’m assuming she thought the mass media would circle their wagons to protect her.

  2. Since she can;t hold a job at anything that requires the smallest of brains, maybe she could apply for a position at the local titty bar. Not much training needed there, except learning how to make them clap together, but she’s probably already had that training I’m sure! Lying bitch! I hope the Police nail her ass for filing a false police report, and trump’s camp sues the whore for her last dime!

  3. There’s a YouTube video of Fields harassing Robert Kennedy Jr., up in his face, invading his space, while he was at some kind of Green rally. She was harping on the fact that he drives a car, as some sort of way to debunk his environmental credibility. She clearly thinks because she is a woman, she can get away with being plain rude and abusive.

  4. What funny is she said he grabbed her down.. and she said she recovered ballance.. it was witnessed who thought she went all the way down.. He story has never actually changed.. Trump campaign story has been.. I didn’t do it that hard, I didn’t do it, I didn’t know it was her when I did it, I did it to protect Trump.. She might have had a PEN BOMB.. Only idiots ready to buy the Brooklyn Bridge beleive Trump people because they have 6 versions.

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