Trump Won’t Return Federal Lands to the States



In February, Donald Trump gave an interview with Petersen’s Hunting. Their article was titled, Why Sportsmen Should Vote for Donald Trump.

The GOP front runner said the Second Amendment will be gone if Hillary wins. “She will destroy it as you know it.”

Trump’s son Eric said, It will be a death by a thousand cuts.”

Donald Trump is opposed to gun free zones on military bases and will get rid of them in schools. He’d work with the states on the issue of gun free zones in schools and if he’s allowed to do it, he’ll override the states.

Trump offered both his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, as cabinet secretary because they are hunters and anglers and members of key conservation and Second Amendment groups. He’d listen to them for suggestions of who might do it.

Trump said “ideally” he wants an outdoorsman to run the agency that manages federal land.

“We understand hunting as conservation,” said Donald Jr. in the interview Schoby did for his magazine.

Donald Jr. said, “Our big inside joke over Thanksgiving and Christmas, now that this thing has become very real with the presidency, is, ‘Hey Don, the only thing you’d be doing in government is actually Interior.’ So I don’t know if I’d be the head of it or just informing the [head], but rest assured that hunters and shooters and others know that I’d have his ear.”

Trump said he is reluctant to turn over land to the states to sell off. While he is not looking to sell off federal land but he will put it in better shape and he would open up Federal lands.

However, the Federal government isn’t authorized by the Constitution to own any land in a state except for very limited functions. Under the constitution, the states were meant to be the stewards of the land. The Federal government currently owns 25% of the land in the US and 50% of the land in the West. They have made the oceans largely off-base for development.

Both sons are long-time hunters and Donald Jr. said that he just became the youngest board member of Boone & Crockett Club, the nation’s oldest hunting and conservation group founded by former President Theodore Roosevelt.