Trump’s Foreign Workers Aren’t the Problem, Hillary’s Foreigners Are


The hiring of foreigners and illegal immigrants to take jobs Americans want or don’t want, depending on who’s talking, is a hot topic in America. It became the subject of attacks on Donald Trump at last Thursday’s debate.

The real problem isn’t Trump’s minimal hiring of foreign workers, it’s Hillary Clinton’s selling of America to foreigners.

The groups out looking for foreign workers in Trump’s past only came up with little though they undoubtedly put their hearts and souls into it.

Trump’s business empire’s hiring practices include a large fine for hiring illegal immigrants. It happened over thirty years ago. Trump was found guilty of colluding in the hiring though he said he didn’t know.

The case dogged Trump for over thirty years ago and ended up with him settling the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. A contractor he hired employed 150 undocumented Polish workers. The workers were treated very badly and some weren’t even paid but the situation was resolved in secret. There is evidence – allegedly – that Trump was not truthful in depositions about knowing they were here illegally.

NBC News has a story up claiming Trump Tower Got Its Start With Undocumented Foreign Workers. It’s about this decades-old story that they resuscitated.

There is another case that has more merit but it isn’t a big case.

The New York Times reports that since 2010, only six percent of the 520 seasonal positions listed by Trump’s Mar-a-Lago private club went to U.S. workers.

According U.S. Department of Labor records, Trump has pursued over 500 visas for seasonal foreign workers at the club. The visas are issued through programs such as H-2B, which allow foreign workers to come to the country when there are not enough Americans available for the jobs.

Out of 250 Americans who applied, 17 were hired. Trump insisted that “the only reason they wouldn’t get a callback is that they weren’t qualified, for some reason.”

When the Times investigated, they found people who were not interested in the jobs but that is not the whole story.

Labor advocates, who only want American union labor, claim that employers take advantage of the visa programs to hire cheaper foreign labor, which we all know to be true in general. A wait-staff position at Mar-a-Lago was advertised to American workers as paying $10.60/hour. Florida minimum wage is $8.05.

The Mar-e-Lago hiring is one business that a contractor handles.

The Washington Post has another article, At Trump Hotel Site, Workers Wary, whichsuggests that the dozens of construction workers streaming in from Latin America at the site of a Trump hotel project are worried about their jobs – the suggestion is that they are here illegally. The company says they follow all laws. There was no basis presented in the article for their suggestion.

They spoke with several workers who hate Trump for his comments about murderers and rapists crossing the US-Mexico border and didn’t hold back. They said they came here illegally – true – but also said they are here legally now.

It’s a fake case based on air but it’s being repeated in right and left wing media as if it were a proven case of Trump hiring illegal workers at this hotel.

How important are these so far limited incidents over a course of decades involving an enormous business enterprise? You make the call. It’s not the story we should be talking about.


I’d like to know how many illegal aliens are doing the lawns at Chappaqua and what about the Clinton Foundation that relies on foreign donations, foreigners who coincidentally received favors after the Foundation received their donations.

That is the real story and these side stories of small transgressions, if they even are transgressions, are distractions from the countless illicit deals orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her husband, including the sale of a uranium mine to the Russians that gives Russia the potential to control as much as 50% of the US uranium output.

Hillary is selling out America and making sketchy deals when she’s not exposing national secrets. That’s the story.

The petty tripe put out by sketchy, biased news sources should be replaced by Hillary stories.