Trump’s Inevitability Still Hasn’t Made Rove’s Whiteboard


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Have you ever seen a more oblivious GOP supported by the useless prattle of pundits?

Erick Erickson was on Meet the Press Sunday to say that Trump brought the Republican party down to a new low but he’s wrong, that low began long before Trump. It became dangerous in 2010 when much-demonized Americans, primarily the older Republicans and Libertarians, took to the streets with placards and it’s gotten worse each election cycle since as DC fails to listen.

The protesters wanted to return to the Constitution and limited government but as the country and especially the GOP tried to figure them out, all anyone heard was the newly-upset were racists, the fringe, and a mere 20% of the GOP.

It didn’t occur to the elite class that this was an uprising based on decades of DC codswallop.

The GOP continued to do nothing but meet the needs of their donors and the Democrats moved further and further away from the rule of law and towards their dream of a one party system.

The GOP now has a so-called fringe base of about 70% and Karl Rove’s whiteboard is a waste of time.

Pundits continue to prattle on during the Sunday shows taking turns trying to unseat the obvious winner and bolster the chosen Cuban who has been reduced to sweating and stiletto heels. The unchosen Cuban who really does want to stick with the Constitution realized too late the problem of being labeled as shady.

The analysis coming from the media is nothing more than bundles of silly soundbites and inaccurate prognostications.

George Stephanapoulos advertises This Week as ABC News’ pre-eminent Sunday morning discussion program with a unique perspective that sets the stage for the week ahead.

The eminent Katrina vanden Heuvel said on This Week’s Sunday eminent show that with Trump and Christie, “We Now Have a Ticket of the Wall Builder and Bridge Closer” and Jon Karl said, “Remarkable How Similar’ the Cruz and Rubio Attacks Are.”

Remarkable how well they miss the point and bore people at the same time.

On Face the Nation, CBS’ Salvanto at least touched on reality when he said there is “no evidence that if GOP candidates drop out the remaining candidate could beat Trump.”

How about there is evidence no one can possibly beat Trump except in the wildest dreams of John Kasich.

The two closest to Trump are locked in tight battle for second place, Trump has double their numbers combined. Trump has all the demographic groups and all the ideologues flocking to him. If Carson pulls out, most of his supporters will go to Trump and Kasich’s will go to Rubio. If Rubio pulls out, most will go to Trump and the same goes for Cruz.

Telling candidates to leave the race or offering to pay them as Dr. Carson said was done to him, isn’t going to consolidate voters against Trump, it’s going to strengthen his numbers, something that’s obvious in the polls and to Donald Trump.

Trump did it all by recognizing that one obvious fact – the American Dream is dead and the donor class in both parties has sold them out, especially the Republicans who betrayed them after each election but promised the next election will be different as they gleefully signed the Omnibus, patting themselves on their backs for the bad bill they hoped to sell.

The GOP is so useless they couldn’t even get Kate’s Law passed.

One party wants to please the Chamber of Commerce and be more appealing to Democrats who hate them and the other wants money, power and voters.

Along comes the man who succinctly captures the mood of those who have been forced to accept a jobless, low wage economy and a dwindling role for any dissent from the Big Government apparatus swallowing us up and he says “Make America Great Again”. It’s Hope and Change which people still believe in but didn’t see with Obama.

The Sunday shows put on analysts who tell us something different each week and then repeat it during the week. Unctious, managed, and slick, they no longer fool the people. They need a new gig.

What was obvious months ago is now frightening to the TV talking heads and the politicians, Trump will win. Some promise to leave the country and we don’t want the door to hit them on the way out. Others will promote the Dame of Deceit and national security violations as the better choice. If only there is more socialism, they will tell the young, we will have a great America again though the last seven years of Obama proved otherwise.

The dwindling Republican party also fell victim to surrender. People simply gave up. It’s easier to let the protecters of polar bears take over the earth than fight it. Make the cake that violates your religion, don’t say God in public, put a leftist woman on the $10 bill as long as we can put a dent in the Founding Fathers’ legacy, welcome men in the women’s bathroom, give the government control of the banks and all the money in them, and don’t engage in hurtful speech, put that gun in the trash, give the government the control over your life and death, and let the government have your land so the Mississippi Gopher Frog can spread out because he’s what counts for the control freaks in the party of Hope and Change. Surrender is easier than taking them on from all these fronts.

As the middle class becomes more obviously downward mobile, the Stupid Party wants to continue the slow death of massive cheap labor who one day wake up and demand their rights which, thanks to liberals paying them off, are greater than that of the American worker. They want us to accept diminished economic opportunity as a way of life as they pretend what’s happening is the stuff of conspiracy theories.

Along comes Trump who promises to blow up the squalid arrangement of the donor-driven GOP and after years and years of lying, manipulating media, no one believes a thing the media or the political class say against him. They are powerless. People don’t care about their nonsensical soundbites.

Unless we get the culture and the youth back from the liberals in the media and the colleges, the GOP won’t ever win an election again. They might not win this one with any candidate.

Tens of millions and lots of time and effort were poured into Jeb Bush who hoped to do what his father and brother did but it ended with one phrase, “low energy.” Cruz has money and Rubio has support, together they barely equal Trump’s numbers.

The flummery about “comprehensive immigration reform” can’t buy you a seat on the subway. Trump speaks the language of the masses, at least in the GOP.

What are the chances the GOP will win? In the last thirty years, two Republicans won, George and George Bush.

Half or more of the electorate don’t even bother to vote in mid-term elections, most of them can’t tell you who is even running, and in presidential elections, the US has the lowest turnout rate in the developed world.

About 53% of Americans show up on election day and the reasons are probably many including a dumbing-down, apathy and disenfranchisement of the electorate. The GOP thinks they can get them out with the same old battered lines but if we had mandatory voting, the GOP would lose by a landslide.

Even in the Live Free or Die state, the inhabitants are choosing to let the GOP die. In addition to winning the states Romney won, the GOP will struggle to win back the purplish New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio and Florida or they haven’t a prayer of winning.

Arizona, Texas and Florida will soon be solidly Democrat [socialist] because of the Hispanic influx. Hispanics are left-wing people coming from left-wing countries. Democrats figured that out.

The Democrats start out with about 270 electoral votes. That’s not the fault of the electoral college, it’s the fault of massive immigration from socialist lands, liberal control of the youth and a Republican party that thinks their cozy little catering business to the donors could go on forever. And we need borders, not comprehensive immigration reform and H-1 and 2B visas. We know that but the donor class doesn’t.

It’s the corporatists versus the socialists and they both appear to be destroying the country. The GOP voters feel betrayed and abandoned by a party that cozies up to the movement for massive immigration, illegal or otherwise. They could care less that terrorists and criminals are pouring in.

American jobs for Americans is why Senator Sessions jumped on the Trump train now speeding down the tracks, inevitably to reach the station first.

Both parties have crossed the American citizen for different reasons and tell themselves they’re great inside their DC bubble, the one Eric Cantor lived in. Trump is the man who will blow up DC and “Make America Great Again”.

The GOP as it was is dead and the Democrats are socialists. The average American knows it but that hasn’t permeated the DC bubble or the media “experts” who make useless comments as they complain about the useless comments of politicians.

For better or worse, the base of the Republican party thinks the only thing that can change the inevitable course of events is a nuclear bomb leveled at DC and, right or wrong, they see Trump as the man who can do it.

GOP – You’re Fired! Unless, by some miracle, they have an awakening.

Branco cartoon via Comically Incorrect


  1. BRAVO!

    Sadly, to add to this “oblivious-ness”,
    the temper-tantruming GOP has started
    and basically has bought into
    the Left’s “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” approach
    by claiming, “if Trump’s the candidate, I’m not voting for him.”
    Some even say they’ll vote for Hillary.

    Some “Republicans”…much less “Conservatives”!!!

    I mean, in 2012, “my guy”, Gingrich lost out. That STANK.
    But I spent 2 full months campaigning and voted for Romney.

    This “my way or the highway” always helps ONLY The. Other. Guys.

    In any case, this only hastens the death of the GOP as a viable political Party…HURRAH!

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