Trump’s Losing Indiana But Guess Who They Want to Draft for President


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Bernie Sanders, the anti-Capitalist, won Wyoming and Ted Cruz won 21 delegates – a majority – in Colorado but the most interesting race is the one in Indiana where the delegates will select 27 delegates to the national convention on Saturday, delegates who plan to shut out Trump. It doesn’t stop there. They want to draft someone for the presidency who isn’t even running.

Mitch Daniels
Mitch Daniels

Not only are the GOP leaders picking anti-Trump delegates, several delegate candidates said they’re even likely to support an effort to draft their former governor, Mitch Daniels, as an alternative candidate before giving Trump a look, Politico reported.

“I am supporting the Draft Mitch Daniels for President at the convention,” said Nick Barbknecht, a candidate for alternate from the state’s 2nd District, who is also the district GOP vice chairman. Two others agreed that they’d support a Daniels candidacy if it emerged.

“I am supporting the Draft Mitch Daniels for President at the convention,” said Nick Barbknecht, a candidate for alternate from the state’s 2nd District, who is also the district GOP vice chairman.

GOP Chairman Chuck Williams is on a mission to draft Daniels at the convention. “We need to start it nationally,” he said.

These people are delusional, they really are.

Last November, Karl Rove thought Daniels would be a great VP nominee and the GOP pundits like George Will and Rove tried to push him as a presidential candidate in 2011.

They’re going to nominate someone with Establishment credentials from Karl Rove that no one has voted for?

Party leaders choose the delegates and in Indiana, Trump is heartily disliked.

“If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” said Craig Dunn, a local GOP leader who is running to represent Indiana’s 4th Congressional District at the national convention in Cleveland. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”

Trump is weak on manipulating delegates but hostility in Indiana is homegrown. Trump wins more votes and primaries than his rivals but he fails dramatically to win separate delegate selection battles to his better-organized rivals.

If Trump doesn’t win the nomination outright or on the first ballot, these delegates will be free to vote as they want.

“I believe we need a candidate that is likable, and I believe we need a candidate that is electable. And at this point, I have not seen any evidence for a general election that Donald Trump is electable,” said Kyle Babcock, a veteran Indiana GOP insider who’s on the 3rd Congressional District delegate slate. He’s leaning towards – ugh – Kasich.

Pete Seat, an Indiana GOP consultant whose firm was recently retained by the Kasich campaign, said very few support Trump – maybe a handful.

People apply as delegates and GOP district leaders select.

“One of my criteria for filtering out folks was whether or not they support Donald Trump,” said one district GOP leader. “I didn’t care whether they supported Ted Cruz or John Kasich.”

Trump’s Indiana chairman, Rex Early, a former state party chairman who just signed on to Trump’s team last weekend, said this is all news to him and he’s sure there will be Trump backers.

It is Politico reporting this and they aren’t the most trustworthy when it comes to Republicans or anything.

If Trump shows he can win in November, sentiment will change quickly said one GOP leader, John Hammond, the Indiana national committeeman.



  1. we the gop rank and file chose trump or no one from the party, you bunch of bought off and paid for old coots can kiss our rosy red asses. we will not vote for anyone but trump period. and if you sreal the party nomination then so be it we will write him in or vote independent for him, then we will vote against every stinking gop backed canidate on our ballots and destroy this corrupt party. you will be leaders of a party that cant elect a student council member in high what you want we are not warming up to the ideal.take your un electable rhinos and put the where the sun dont shine. we wont support or vote for them period. we the people decide who the nominees are and who takes the white house. not you bunch of money grubbing crooked ass politicians you work for us not the other way around! and your on thin ice gentle sirs and were about to fire your pompass asses!

    • Speak for yourself, Larry. All of my conservative friends decided long ago – #NeverTrump – under any circumstance. Trump’s self-love, abrasive personality and lie after lie and zero principles should convince everyone who has half a brain. He is first for Donald Trump and he has no idea how a government functions except for the bribes he has given out over the years to the Clintons and to Harry Reid and to Nancy Pelosi and to Chucky Shumer.

  2. Mitch McDaniels has been an outstanding conservative leader for Indiana and as a former Hoosier, I keep up with major politics in the State. They are short sighted here somewhat – They can change their delegate commits; but I think Cruz is the best choice. Anyway, it’s all hype, e.g., Bernie Sanders didn’t really think he would get the Dem nomination; he’s putting up a good fight. But will the nation vote him in? No. Get behind Cruz.

  3. To the powers that be in the republican party, I’m an Australian looking at your election process and wonder WHY you put Mr Donald Trump forward to become President under your banner if you have NO intention of having him become the next president. When he first said he would run, you all jumped up and down as he was not controlled by you, so the man did the right thing and signed a pledge stating he would be guided by you and since then all you have done is put obstacles in his road and tell everyone you will not support him in the role of president? This to me is your reneging on a sealed contract and if I were one of Mr Trumps advisors I would be telling him to SUE you every last one of you and make you pay him back the billions he has spent at NO COST TO YOU OR YOUR PARTY. AMERICA YOUR POLITICAL BACKERS ARE ALL CORRUPT, DUMP THEM ALL.

    • Trump chose to run for the office of president. We didn’t get a choice of rejecting a contract with him. Trump has not spent dime that he will not get back from the Federal Election Campaign Fund – but he has sucked up millions upon millions of free advertising from TV and cable news channels, being featured more than 50% of the time even when we had 17 Republican candidates. Trump is a narcissist who will do what he thinks is good for The Donald should he win. The internet is full of information about Trump’s shady deals, his business failures and his cheating of employees, investors and the American Taxpayer. By the way, Trump reneged on his pledge to support the winning Republican candidate so he will try to get a ride on a minority party ticket if he loses at the GOP convention but no such party, except the Libertarians, will be on the ballots of all 50 of our states – and he will not be accepted there.

  4. Go ahead and put Dan Quayle out there as some sort of favorite son. He’d probably appreciate it and would have name recognition across the country and not just the state. Most folks won’t remember anything bad about him because most won’t remember anything about him!

  5. We the people do not want likable. We want to retain our independence and freedom from Government control. We are steps away from civil unrest and that’s just how Obama’s administration wants it. All other candidates are in the agenda, lock, stock, and barrel. We the people do not want to fight each other for the UN and Obama to Enforce Martial Law and join the new world order.

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