Trump’s Response to Mitt Romney’s Speech



Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of shooting inside the tent, Republicans went after the truly dangerous candidate – Hillary Clinton? Don’t they realize that she is endangering our way of life?

Trying to defeat Trump by attacking him won’t work. Romney tried it today. It’s a wonder why Romney tried. This is a movement and it’s bigger than Trump. People are worried about the economy, jobs, the future and what we hear is sniping.

Donald Trump spoke for the first time since Mitt Romney’s speech at a Maine rally Thursday.

Romney and Rubio are both using the same words and the same arguments, especially calling Trump a “con man.”

Trump was very low key compared to Mitt Romney by way of comparison today.

Donald Trump did not deal with details on policy issues and took a different approach, partly talking about himself because he was pushed on the defensive.

He addressed Mitt Romney’s speech. He called Romney a “choke artist.” He talked about his many successes they don’t want to talk about. As far as the school is concerned, he said Trump University had a 98% approval rating. One ad featuring two people who are suing had to be taken down because they gave wonderful statements about the school

Any business man has lawsuits he said. Trump University had an “A” from the Better Business Bureau.

Fact Check wrote that actually, it once had an “A+” rating, according to a Better Business Bureau spokeswoman. But its most recent rating was a “D-.”

They also wrote that surveys were not anonymous and were filled out immediately after the sessions. Fact Check also said that the instructors were not handpicked by him as Trump said and “in a 2012 deposition, a top executive for Trump University said that “none of our instructors” was picked by Trump himself.” That is one executive however and most of this is petty garbage.

Trump said he held two fundraisers for Romney but he turned on him. He was “nasty” today, Trump said.

Trump explained the bid process and the hotels he built and he explained it in a way a politician never will explain what they will do. He sounds competent.

Trump talked about Romney’s comments on trade. He said we lost $500 billion dollars in trade with China. That took him to the 1,000 miles of wall along the US-Mexico border and he reminded people that China built a much longer wall.

We have a $58 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico and they are going to pay for the wall he said. The leaders of Mexico are the problem and the people are lovely people, he continued. “Mexico’s leaders are smarter than our leaders.”

Trump talked about the companies leaving the US.

Trump said we don’t need “free trade”, we need “smart trade”. We don’t have any free trade. In response to Romney’s criticisms, he said, “how can I ruin free trade”, he said, if I’m losing $500 billion in trade with China and $58 billion with Mexico each year, what do I want with that free trade anyway? China and Mexico think we have the dumbest leaders in the world and we will have better deals with them. “We are going to get rid of these bad trade deals” because at some point, “it’s going to blow up.” Everyone who deals with us takes advantage and they are dealing with political hacks, they have lobbyists and so on.

The “military is very badly depleted”, we’re going to build up our military, we’re going to get rid of Obamacare, Common Care, take care of our vets, we’re going to improve our schools, he said to cheers.

If Trump is hit tonight by the other candidates at the debate, he will hit back, he told the crowd. He also told them he loved them and please “go vote on Saturday.”


It “takes guts to run for president:”

In between giving his speech, he had to stop to have protesters evicted.

When Romney asked for his endorsement, he could have said “drop to your knees.”

He made so much more money than Romney. He has a store worth more than Romney, who he called a “lightweight” later on in his speech.

Mitt is a “choke artist.”

On dealing with Carrier that is taking manufacturing out of the US:


  1. Not long ago, Romney gave a speech telling everyone how wonderful Trump was, and how he was the man to lead the country….Now he’s whoring himself to special I interest groups that are scared to death that Trump will win and their gravy train will be derailed….

  2. Well let’s see, the Donald has all of Hollywood, Obama, Hillary the traitor, Harry the thug Reid, Nancy The numbcull pelosi, Karl the architect rove, teddy Cruz, peanut Rubio, mitt the eunic Romney, bill blow job Clinton, Paul traitor Ryan, Mitch loser McConnell, all republican establishment, against him, what more reason do you need to vote for trump. Now let’s see who are for trump, the sane fed up American electorate.

    • In response to Sammy Wells: looking at that gang of crooks, they should be campaigning out of a paddy wagon (padded)


    Romney claims that America faces “another time for choosing,” invoking Reagan’s 1964 address, while arguing the election could have “profound consequences” for Republicans and the country.

    No, Romney! Those years were 2008 and 2012 and he rolled over and did nothing but whimper! Romney failed at his time of choosing and his boat has sunk – now he gets to keep swimming in his RINO muck!

    Romney praised Trump (See U-tube) when he wanted his endorsement and now that he has seen how somebody acts when they care about the country, he wants to come crawling back into the campaign through the basement window?

    Romney voted Democratic in the 1992 Presidential Election, yet Republican RINO’s attack Trump for previously having been a Democrat?

    Romney lost to Kennedy in the 1994 Senate Race (58%-41%) even though 1994 was a total disaster for Democrats – nationwide?
    During that Senate race, Romney continually stated that he believed ABORTION should be safe and legal, with no other conditions. He later changed to totally Pro-Life in 2005 when he started eyeing a 2008 Presidential run. Republican RINO’s have been continually attacking Trump for having expressed similar positions.

    Romney won the 2002 Massachusetts’s Governorship and continually worked to preserve and protect “Women’s Right to Choose” during the campaign and while in office, until 2005 when he evolved into a total “Pro-Life” politician and looking towards a 2008 Presidential run.

    While holding the Governorship, Romney continually tried to bolster and grow the Republican Party in Massachusetts, but failed in that they never gained any ground at all. Romney’s approval ratings: 61% in 2003, dropping down to 34% in 2006 which ranked #48 out of the 50 Governors. All due to dissatisfaction with the Romney Administration.

    2008, ran for President and lost to McCain (a RINO) by a 2 to 1 margin in Delegates.

    2012, ran for President and lost to Obama because of his trying to maintain his “Nice Guy” image and not standing up against the Democratic Party.

    Why should the Republican RINO’s violate their Oath of Loyalty to Trump, for a LOSING RINO in Romney?

    Donated twice and voted for him twice – never again!
    There are no differences between him, Rubio, Cruz and the Republican, RINO Establishment.

  4. Looks to me that the Republicans are running scared, they stick good ol ” Mitt ” up their and so he can calmly tell you how horrible Trump is, Mitt would’nt lie he is an honest morman. So maybe he thinks he spoke the truth about Trump. However, the be-trail and hypocrisy show Mitt’s true colors. Another sell out trying to hang onto the glory days at our expense. Off the top of your head give me three things Mitt has accomplished in his political career in Wash. Besides lose an election. Ok, can you give me just one memorable career defining accomplishment? I can’t, and he is the one trash talking, Someone sure did try and do damage writing that speech, it was beyond Mitt’s ability he is a little quote”unsmart” to put that together. Someone was up a couple of nights on that one.

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