Trump’s Starting to Look Like a Genius?


Will Trump show up at the Fox debate tonight? NO! He’s going to best them with ratings on CNN or at least he hopes to.

Santorum and Huckabee might go to the Trump event, at least that is what Trump tweeted. Huckabee told Wolf Blitzer today that he has nothing to do at eight and will be happy to support the troops. He used the opportunity to put down Cruz.

Huckabee and Santorum need to get Cruz’s followers to start polling above 2%.

The latest is Carly Florina offering $2 million to veterans causes if Trump debts her on Twitter.

Not to support Trump or not support him, but why is it such a catastrophe for him to not go to an entertainment-oriented debate on Fox? Why is this so critical to Iowa voters? The nonsense about him being afraid is also a waste of time. No one believes that.

The RNC has banned CNBC and NBC from holding GOP debates. They told National Review online they can’t be moderators because they’ve taken a strong stand against Trump. Why is it okay for them and not Trump?

McCain said Trump would destroy the free press if he got to pick the moderators. Trump isn’t picking moderators, he just doesn’t want Kelly because of her past questions. We can debate if that is immature of him but Kelly did plan to take him down. McCain thinks the elites should get to pick the network apparently. We don’t have a free press anyway. Most are an affiliate of the Democrat party and Fox is a fan of RINOs.

McCain said he’s sorry that Trump is using the troops this way. What? Raising money for the troops is a problem?

Get lost McCain. I honor your service but it’s time for you to retire.

Fox has been attacking Trump as Trump said. They’ve said they were going to put him in his place and take him down.

It gets crazier by the day.

Another issue is the fact that Rupert Murdoch is co-chair of a rabid and powerful immigration lobbying firm. The Partnerships for a New American Economy (PNAE) showers the nation with open border propaganda and they were major proponents of Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight amnesty senate bill.

Anyone who read the bill knows it’s amnesty. It would have given 33 million green cards to foreigners and amnesty to almost everyone in the country over a period of five to ten years with exceptions for many and at the discretion of whoever is in power. It would have doubled worker visas. This is taking jobs from Americans and it’s lowering their salaries but big corporations want exactly that. The pressure would have been enormous to rush the amnesty once the bill was signed.

It’s the same goal radical socialist George Soros has by his own admission. He wants borders erased in the EU.

Trump is not a conservative but conservatives don’t need a conservative in the presidency. True conservatism is not ideological – it’s about freedom.

Conservatives need someone who will return us back to limited government and to values that don’t involve massive immigration and all the other things that come along with progressivism. That doesn’t mean Trump is the guy.

Fox is not conservative either.

Even without Trump, Fox’s moderators, particularly the beauteous, smart, ambitious Megyn Kelly, could make fools of our candidates except for the ones they like.

Last night, O’Reilly pleaded with Trump to show up at Fox’s debate. Trump appeared on O’Reilly’s show last night because he said he would prior to the debate. He told O’Reilly not to ask him about the debate and he did it anyway. O’Reilly said he was going to talk policy and only talked about the debate appearance.

He told Trump that he should forgive as part of his Christian faith. Trump didn’t argue much but looked glum to say the least.

O’Reilly said the Mullahs and others are going to come after him so he has to be able to handle Megyn.


This debate is entertainment and Trump not going means he is missing an entertainment event.

Why does Trump have to go through another debate being asked questions of his comments about Rosie O’Donnell or Arianna Huffington or why people hate him? The questions won’t deal with anything substantive like the theft of lands by our government, constitutional encroachments by the administration, the wild spending, and more. They will ask gotcha questions or they will ask their favorites some softball questions. We will hear the favored ones give a speech and the unfavored will have to defend themselves. It’s getting routine.

Don’t forget that Fox is the media and they need to get ratings. They should not be the decision makers of who will become our candidate.

All the candidates who have been abused should go to the Trump event. That would include Cruz, Carson and Paul.

Fox is still the best out there and I won’t stop watching but they have to be watched with caution as does the entire media.

Maybe Trump just doesn’t like Kelly and won’t give her another opportunity to attack. Today he retweeted a follower who criticized a photo shoot she did for GQ Magazine.

“And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?”, the tweet said. It included two photos of Kelly posing provocatively and the following text: “Criticizes Trump for objectifying women … Poses like this in GQ Magazine.”

Personally, I call this mean tweeting. She’s gorgeous, why not flaunt it. Sometimes it’s a burden trying to be taken seriously when you are great looking, especially true for women. Trump is exploiting that but it’s up to others to decide if this is fair.


Trump is being accused of making this election season into a reality show but so are the Democrats and it’s especially true of the media. They’re disgusting.

This doesn’t mean I’m trying to promote Trump, I’m just pointing out what appears to be going on.

Trump might appear petty, vindictive, or chaotic to some but maybe Fox is too. They knew putting Kelly on as a moderator was going to create waves. Trump’s language can be offensive and he might be all wrong for America or not, but it should be for the voter to decide, not the media.

Meanwhile, Trump has been tweeting up a storm.


If nothing else, this is the funniest election cycle ever.

Reid said jokingly that he was rooting for Trump who recently said he knows he could work with Reid, Pelosi and Schumer. Hopefully, Trump was joking also.

We have a liar, a communist and a failed governor on one side and a chaotic Republican party on the other side with inexperienced candidates and some establishment types.


  1. Let it be known, I didn’t like how Kelly asked the question to Trump at the 1st debate but I thought the subject matter was fair. If you make a public statement it is fair game. Kelly’s approach however came off as I will show him. There are a lot of things about Trump that you can argue with. I myself probably side more with some of the lesser known candidates (Santorum, Fiorina). But if you read the NY Post (also owned by Murdock) it is obvious he has an agenda against Trump. The Megyn Kelly show has used the controversy to try and gain ratings. It is almost a daily attack on him. I have stopped watching her show. Fox itself sent out a tweet about Trump when he threatened not to appear. That tweet by no means was sent to be “fair and balanced.” It was to antagonize Trump and possibly bully him into appearing.

    Just look at the numbers. If you leave Cruz and Rubio in the game, Trump’s numbers outweigh every other candidate COMBINED. If you add Cruz and Rubio together they still don’t equal Trump’s ratings. So what does Trump truly have to gain in this debate? Bill O’Reilly made the point Trump gets 60 seconds to blast the moderators for unfair questions etc. and compared it to Newt Gingrich from 4 years ago with CNN. Here is the difference. If Trump blasts Megyn Kelly, everyone says he hates women. He disrespects women and beat up on poor innocent Megyn Kelly, whereas Gingrich went after John King. So Trump has nothing to gain. He either stays quiet and looks weak or attacks looking like a bully. Secondly, every question will tend to go something like Mr. Cruz, Donald Trump has said this, how do you respond? Mr. Rubio, Donald Trump has said that, how do you respond. So he has to stand there getting blasted by at least 1 moderator from a network that has no interest in seeing him win and then candidates baited by moderators to attack as well for 2 hours.

    Trump has appeared in 6 debates. If Fox really wanted Trump on, they easily could have said we are replacing Kelly with O’Reilly to be “fair and balanced.” The fact they didn’t seems to indicate they have no intention of having an orderly debate. They want a circus sideshow to foster ratings. Therefore Trump and his massive lead said I am taking my ball and going home. Enjoy your ratings drop. Good for him. And those that say he is scared, seriously? If that were the case he would have canceled his O’Reilly interview. He is getting as much if not more PR by not going and if he holds true to his word will have a large audience watching the event to raise funds for the Vets. Even if he telecasts his plane in the sky for 2 hours flying around he would get ratings. I think Fox misplayed this all to save Megyn Kelly’s rep and Fox’s political agenda.

  2. Sara Noble is one of the finest conservative writers on the Internet.

    These summaries are fantastic, I can’t get them anywhere else.

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