Trust Them! It Won’t Be Haiti This Time


The globalist shills who brought you the Haiti scam and big government, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush who did pull out eventually, have joined forces with Barack Obama, George W. and Jimmy Carter to collect money for hurricane victims.

Ask yourself why we need to give to them after money for Haiti collected under the same guise went to The Clinton Foundation fund, expenses, Hillary’s brother and Clinton cronies, and a posh resort.

Fawning CNN advertised their charity with relish, but there are far more trustworthy organizations who give 100% of the funds to the victims though they promise to do the same in their short blurb on their website.

The money first goes to the George H.W. Bush library for collection. At least it’s not the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s name is not mentioned. Those are pluses!

The website for the “One America Appeal” promises “All funds collected through the One America Appeal will go into a special account at the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, to ensure 100 cents out of every dollar donated goes to hurricane victims. All monies collected will be distributed immediately to the designated recovery funds. All donations will also be tax-deductible.

Why don’t they simply push for donations to reliable charities?

There are charities like Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, the Cantor Fitzerland Relief Fund, and food banks. Other good charities are the ASPCA, Catholic Charities, Direct Relief, Habitat for Humanity, the Houston Humane Society, Operation Blessing, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies and Team Rubicon.


  1. Few are aware that Israel has teams that are dispatched to disaster areas and in Haiti they were the First on the ground and had already set up a hospital for the natives well before Anyone else even showed up. There were a number of babies named Israel as a result.
    They showed up for the disaster in the northeast even as well as the disaster in Oklahoma.

  2. There is no reason to donate one penny to any charity with Clinton’s name on it.

    Donate to Samaritan’s Purse. Nearly 90% of their donated income goes directly to the cause.

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