TSA Humiliates New Mom – Well, They Certainly Aren’t Profiling



…A mother, Amy Strand, in Hawaii was “humiliated” when she had to pump for breast milk to fill up her empty bottles. The TSA agent made her pump in an open bathroom in front of anyone and everyone who entered the bathroom.

She had emptied the breast milk bottles so she wouldn’t have a problem with security. The agent told her the empty bottles were a problem (the agent is obviously not a genius). The agent said she had to put milk in the bottles to get through security. She couldn’t throw the bottles away because they would be difficult and expensive to replace so off to the public bathroom she went to publicly pump away with her breast hanging out under an agent’s watchful eye.

Thank God they are keeping us safe from breast feeding moms who are Principals of schools in Hawaii as Amy Strand is. I feel safer, don’t you?

…The agent told her the ice pack would not be allowed through security without milk in the bottles. Strand said the ice pack is specially made for the milk’s cooler and would not be easy to replace.

“It really confuses me as to how an empty breast pump and cooler pack are a threat to national security and 20 minutes later, with milk, they no longer pose a threat to national security,” Strand said incredulously.

She asked if there was a private place she could pump and was told there was not. The agent suggested she go to the public bathroom. Her electric pump required an outlet and there were no outlets in the stalls, so she had to use one in the bathroom’s public area.

“There was no misunderstanding,” Strand said. “I really only had two options: leave part of it behind or pump. And I’m not going to leave part of it behind because [the agent] doesn’t know the policy and procedures.”…Read here: ABC News – Forget you 4th Amendment rights