Naked Body Scan Or The TSA Puts Their Hands All Over You


The Government Can Claim Rights Over Every Part Of You

The video below was posted on Drudge and this morning. I think it’s worth reposting because I have been through an invasive body search and agree with her. As the lady being videotaped gets more and more upset – saying she was molested by the TSA official – she screams for the police to no avail and, finally, she breaks down and cries. The person accompanying her begins videotaping the scene, and is told that he is not allowed to tape, which is untrue.

When I went through the airport in Vermont, the metal in my body set off the machine as it always does. There is no naked body scan machine there. So, I had to undergo a body search where the TSA agent used the back of her hands to touch every part of my body. She had a cloth of some kind as she did it which she put through another small machine after the pat down. Wouldn’t you know, that cloth set the little machine off. That’s when they made me go behind the curtain for another pat down which was more like a very detailed physical invasion of my every body part. She had her hands in my underpants for the love of the Mighty. It felt like and still feels like molestation. The fact that a woman did it does not make me feel better about it.

When did we lose the 4th Amendment and just how is this keeping us safe? How many terrorists and dangerous weapons/chemicals have they found so far? Is there a better way to do this or does the government like violating the 4th Amendment (or maybe they don’t give a hoot)? Is anyone even looking into this? Stop pretending it’s okay because the government wants to keep us safe – there is always some reason. Why have we no say in this? This invasion of our rights is over-the-top and the government needs to look for other approaches.

As for the machines, did you know that there are better machines – better in that they don’t scan you into nakedness? They didn’t beat out this body scanner, and maybe it’s because some politicians are making bundles off this one? Read here: Politicians making money off your nakedness

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.
Little by little, the government is whittling away at out freedoms.