TSA – When They’re Not Molesting Us, They’re Wasting Our Money


TSA has now become another unwieldy and unproductive agency that has 65,000 employees frisking old ladies and three year olds. They have 18,000 administrators which is 3-4 administrators for every employee.

The House Oversight Committee Report from February of this year has exposed the TSA’s waste of hundreds of million of our taxpayer dollars on equipment alone. It makes one wonder what all these administrators are doing.

Michael Chertoff said we needed nude scanners a few years back because we would have a crisis if we didn’t. The companies that made them were economically tied to Chertoff and other Democrats.

That fear mongering has brought us a whole host of waste at the TSA. They think they can spend as much as they want and apparently they can.

The management and deployment of screening technology has serious deficiencies. The TSA is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars by inefficiently deploying screening technology to commercial airports.

This is just one of the storage facilities –

  • About 5700 pieces are stored in Dallas.
  • Stored equipment is valued at $184 million but when questioned, warehouse officials could not estimate the value of stored equipment.
  • The leased storage facility costs $3.5 million a year.
  • 85% of the stored equipment had been there for 6 months, 35% for one year, and one piece of equipment for 60% of its useful life.
  • They had more than 472 advanced carry-on baggage screeners and 99% of them were in storage for more than nine months.
  • Delayed deployment has resulted in depreciation of 23 million dollars.
  • TSA has no idea what the cost of equipment disposition is.
  • The limited use of direct shipping (in other words, using this storage facility instead of just having manufacturers send them directly to airports) wastes $50 to 100 million annually.
TSA also has no clue as to how to effectively procure screening equipment –
  • TSA knowingly over-ordered explosive trace detectors to get a discount under a baseless assumption that they’d need more one day.
  • TSA had $44 million dollars of explosive trace detectors they didn’t need.
  • 492 of these things at $30,000 apiece have been in storage more than a year.
  • TSA officials have no plan for their deployment.

If that isn’t enough, TSA has been deliberately providing incomplete, inaccurate and misleading information to Congress. Sounds like Attorney General Holder. That style of poor governance seems to be creeping into every nook and cranny of government.

If you check out the report, you can get details and their suggestions for changing the mess that is now the TSA.