Tucker Describes the Authoritarian President


On Monday night, Tucker Carlson responded to a comment by CNN’s David Gergen who claimed the President discrediting the [corrupt people in the] DoJ and in the press is the beginning of authoritarian rule.

Carlson had a good answer although we would simply say enacting a coup is the beginning of authoritarian rule.

That’s kind of hilarious. The irony, of course, is that David Gergen spent much of his own career in government, not simply criticizing reporters, but actively lying to them, as is the custom. Was that the behavior of a despot? Pretty funny.

But pause and consider this seriously for a minute. Authoritarianism. That’s what our ruling class says it fears. They tell us that all the time.

OK. Let’s say you really were an authoritarian and you wanted to weaken American democracy and impose a kind of oligarchy on the country. How would you go about doing that?

Well, you’d probably start by trying to control what people say and think. If citizens dissented from the mandated orthodoxy or dared to consider unauthorized ideas, you target them, you’d shame them on social media, you’d shout them down in public, you’d get them fired from their jobs, you’d make sure everybody was afraid to disagree with you.

After that, you would work to disarm the population. You take their guns away. That way, they’d be entirely dependent on you for their safety, not to mention unable to resist your plans for them.

Then, just to make sure you had quelled all opposition, you’d systematically target any institution that might oppose or put brakes on your power. You’d be especially concerned about churches, the family, and independent businesses. You’d be certain to undermine and crush those using laws and relentless propaganda.

If despite all of that, election results still didn’t go your way, you’d use an entrenched unelected bureaucracy to neuter any leader you hadn’t handpicked yourself. But you’d be shaken by an election like that. You’d resolve never to allow one again.

And to make sure of that, you’d work tirelessly to replace the old and ungrateful population with a new and more obedient one. That’s what you do.

Sound familiar? We are not talking about Donald Trump. For all of his faults, Trump isn’t doing any of that. Our ruling class is. And that’s what all these issues are really about.

The speech codes, the calls for gun control, the relentless attacks on the nuclear family, the demands for unlimited mass immigration, none of that is designed to help you. None of it will make you happier or more prosperous. That’s not the point.

The point is to make you more dependent on the very people who are yelling at you right now on cable television. They are the authoritarians.

This is more of the virtual reality Democrats have us living through. They are attempting a coup against the President and most of what they say is the opposite of the truth. Trump is trying to give us back our country and our rule of law, but they label him an authoritarian.



  1. Another Tucker segment was with Tim Ryan (D) about, essentially, revitalizing the urban core. When Tim began I really thought he would be sounding like Trump and bringing businesses back to where they are needed.

    Well, wouldn’t you know, it was the same thing I hear Democrats always speak of when it comes to projects. So, we need infrastructure spending, which HE calls “parks”, “bike paths”, and “river trails”. What the hell is it with these damn Democrats that cannot understand basic economics that was taught in early high school. These are nothing but “pet projects” for the “elite” class and do nothing for the “core economy” of a city, yet Tim Ryan calls THIS “infrastructure”.

    A very good example is KC Mo., which I doubt has ever had Republican control. They decided on a big project, over 100 Million Dollar streetcar system stretching just a little over 2 miles in the downtown area. Basically 50 Million dollars a mile. This is a city with a “per-capita” murder rate that was higher than Chicago. This is a city with over 13000 waiting for “affordable housing”.

    And what was the answer to these problems plaguing the community. A campaign was launched called #KindKC , Say no to violence. No to bullying. No to discrimination. Join the #KindKC movement.

    Long gone are any Democrats that have any sense of discretionary thought. I really wonder if there is a single Democrat that truly wants to solve ‘a’ problem, or any problem for that matter. Even in their best efforts there are those like Tim Ryan who cannot muster enough insight into a problem to come with anything substantial. The wholesale ignorance of the Democrat party has me wondering how can ANY of them ever win elections. There should be a national trend of Republicans taking Trump’s playbook and mocking these Democrats for their utter stupidity, without reservation.

  2. Gergen’s trick is that he is so mild mannered people drop their guard. But he is a leftist propagandist. He is 100% status quo establishment.

  3. Amazing Tucker segment. .every once in a while, he hits it out of the park. .Greg, you’re so right about the left, and their expensive, idiotic projects ..unfortunately we’re seeing this all over the country and it’s out of control. Thanks for pointing it out.

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