Tucker Obliterates Anti-Trump Prof Who Insulted His Pro-Trump Co-Workers


It’s a wonder how many more victims will sacrifice themselves on Tucker Carlson’s show. Won’t Tucker run out of politicians, students and professors to take to the woodshed?

The professor seen in this clip with Tucker, Tony Macula, sent a mass email to 600 of his colleagues at Geneseo blasting them for voting for a white supremacist “who embodies the white power movement and was enthusiastically endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan, the neo-Nazis, and other white supremacist groups…” The email droned on.

Tucker asked the Professor how Trump embodies the white power movement and what did he mean by that.

Mr. Macula said Trump doesn’t embody the preamble of the Constitution nor does he exhibit values which the Professor says are in the Constitution. When Tucker asked why he can’t just disagree with his colleagues, why does he have to call them irresponsible, Macauly concluded that because some bad people like Trump, he’s bad. Tucker said we used to call that McCarthyism.

It got worse from there for this professor. After you listen to this, tell us if you think he should be teaching students.


  1. The two dozen members of the KKK that are still left should send guys like this a thank you card for reminding people that they still exist, when everyone though they were just a sad footnote in Democratic history.

    • Race hustling doesn’t work on millennials like it did on boomers. Most of us have played, studied and associated our entire lives with people from other races, and we’re tired of being marginalized by some idiot professor’s belief that white America is inherently racist because the remaining “two dozen members of the KKK” threw a party when Trump won.

  2. This Idiot should not be teaching our young people. I was friends with a psychology professor at a university in Indiana She essentially threw a temper tantrum about the election. I told her to grow up. She and I are no longer friends. These people DO NOT below teaching! Well maybe training animals…….

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