Tucker Utterly Destroys Irrational Apologist for Sanctuary Cities


Listen to this irrational discussion between Tucker Carlson and a propagandist for the open borders ideology.


  1. Liberal leftist democrats can only repeat their memorized talking points. When asked a question that isn’t part of their script, they just revert back to the same talking points over and over again – as evidenced in the interview with Tucker. Good for Tucker to keep pressing him! The frustrating part is that the guest was laughing most of the time. Apparently it wasn’t his wife who was attacked.

  2. We recall it was two staunch GOP POTUS Reagan and Bush senior who tried to reform the illegal immigration scandal, estimated at 111 million; Obama favoured Moslems, ignored Christians. Trump is way out of his depth trying to curb their entry, but he is aware of the plight of Christians. Who will tackle this in USA and within the EU with a sense of the sacred human dignity of the millions of human lives. A massive moral scandal that could overwhelm .

  3. According to the US Constitution, the president has broad powers on controlling entry into the USA. The courts have gone way out of their depth. Allowing massive immigration, of people with unknown backgrounds, without a legitimate basis, who do not assimilate, who are not employable, who have not had adequate health screenings, … is anything but charity. It is suicide and theft. It is proposed by people that want to feel good about themselves, and have bad problem solving ability.

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