Tuesday’s Election


Editor’s Note: I agree with you Gary until you get to the point of not voting. I hope people will give Republicans another chance. It’s our only chance to save the Republic. There are some good people running. Please vote!

I’m not sure Republicans understand what they need to do and what the American people expect from them.

by Gary Spina

Tuesday’s election and the hope of regaining control of the United States Senate is not a sure thing for Republicans. It should be a sure thing, given the disaster of the Obama administration and the complicity of the Democrats in stripping away our liberties. Instead, the election looks like it may be a nail-biter.

The Republicans are not running on anything except a general antipathy to Obama and his policies. Republicans have not articulated any clear vision for change or any real hope for anything but a nuanced status quo.

But Republicans dare not promise anything. Two years ago, in the 2012 election, they promised voters a committed opposition to liberalism and a vigorous battle against Obama’s hostile take-over of our freedoms. The voters believed them then, but within a month of establishing a new Congress, the Republicans were wallowing in feckless excuses and inefficacy. Americans were treated to a Congress stumbling over itself in symbolic votes, phony outrage, and meaningless lip service. The only real luck we had was that Obama’s failed agenda began to unravel on its own and Americans began to see what a dangerous clown our president is. Time and again he became entangled in his own ideology.

Over the last two years, Republicans have utterly shamed themselves with their lack of vision, their slick lies, their wheeling and dealing, and their self-absorbed arrogance. Now in 2014, they dare not – they cannot – make those same promises they made in 2012, and so they run for reelection on platitudes and vagaries. And so Tuesday’s election and control of the Senate is proving to be a coin-toss.

Me? I’m staying home on election day. I’ll sip a glass of bourbon as I watch the election results on Fox News, and I won’t be excited either way over the outcome. There’s not much difference anymore between elephants and donkeys.