Turkish Immigrant Killer in Washington Has Strange Social Media Postings

Arlan selfies from what appears to be his Tumblr page
Arcan selfies from what appears to be his Tumblr page

Arcan Cetin has been arrested in the Washington mall shootings. He is a 20-year old from Oak Harbor, Washington who was born in Ardana, Turkey and came to the United States as a young child.

The Seattle Times newspaper says police first misidentified Cetin, a Turkish immigrant, as Hispanic, adding that police said they identified him as Hispanic based on surveillance photos and his dark hair.

He didn’t look Hispanic in the photos, he looked Middle Eastern or Eastern European.

A Tumblr page in his name contains references to the phrase “Subhan Allah,” which means Glory be to God. It links to a page that praises the ISIS leader.

There is a Tumblr page in the name of Arcan Cetin. It contains the exact same photo of Cetin that appears on the Twitter page in Cetin’s name; the latter Twitter page was identified by the New York Times as the alleged mall gunman’s Twitter page. The URL of the Tumblr site contains the words “arcanmotherrussiavodkaak47.” The Facebook page of the alleged gunman includes numerous references by friends to his seeming fascination with guns and Russia.

On the Tumblr page, a post contains a reference to Allah and a person who responds uses the word Jannah, which is the term for the Muslim paradise. There is also a reference to Ted Bundy in a photo of himself at age four as well as a photo of WWII soldiers with a bomb sporting Hitler’s name on it.

There are some vulgar references and selfies in which he asks someone identified by initials ‘JK’ to identify him as cute.

He despised George Osborne, a British conservative parliamentarian.

A screenshot from the Tumblr page:


Heavy found an additional Tumblr page. http://meowfraulein.tumblr.com is another Tumblr page with his photo on it.

Again, there are some photos the media and authorities will likely find meaningless in favor of his being insane and guns being the problem. There is a photo of Iran’s Ayatollah with the caption, My other dood Ali Come on me.


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  2. What a week its been in America, NJ/NY bombings, Minnesota knife attack, 2 men shot by police, riots in NC, this idiot in WA. shooting 5 people, I truly fear for our country, whats next????

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