Turncoat Lamar Alexander Works Out Terrible Health Insurance Deal


Update: President Trump said Wednesday he will not support this deal which further enriches the health insurance companies. Yes!

Alleged GOP Senator Lamar Alexander worked out a temporary bailout of the insurance companies with Democrat Patty Murray, reversing the President’s executive order to stop the illegal payments. It is however going to be legal as opposed to the last bailout.

It helps health insurers and Democrats.

Lamar Alexander

The Republicans and Democrats can get things done when it’s to reverse anything the President tries to accomplish.

It revives federal subsidies for health insurers – corporate welfare – and puts $106 million back into funding a program to sign people up for Obamacare as Democrats have demanded.

Republicans would get more flexibility for states to offer a wider variety of health insurance plans while maintaining the requirement that sick and healthy people be charged the same rates for coverage. The deal would make it easier for states to obtain waivers to customize Obamacare rules to their needs but NONE of the Obamacare regulations would be loosened. The changes are procedural.

It’s being characterized as a measure to stabilize the markets when all it does is pour good money after bad. Heritage said it stabilizes nothing and only props it up temporarily [as Barack Obama did for years].

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he was “pleased” with the deal and urged Republican leaders to take it up as soon as possible. Anything Schumer likes is terrible for the GOP.

It’s temporary but for two years. Democrats are hoping President Trump won’t get re-elected and they can turn this into single-payer.

Sens. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) on Tuesday introduced a bill to add a government-run “public option” plan to ObamaCare, modeled on Medicare. In other words, it’s the beginning of single-payer.


  1. Harry Reid said it on the senate floor in 2010, “Obamacare is just a bump in the road to the final solution, the final solution is single-payer”……. its coming , whether you like it or not, both parties know it, what we have now is not affordable.

    • Single payer will be even less affordable and set us on the road to communism. At some point, there might be a revolution.

  2. This is a RINO/democrat way to overrule Trump’s decision. They want the pressure back on Trump to veto. It will pass the senate. Ryan has a decision to make.

  3. I am having a hard time keeping up on Trump, first he eliminates the payments, then he signals congress to do something to get it back, now he says he won’t sign it? Does Trump want them to show their position, so he can put them on record as to who wants to support the insurance companies? Or, does he really want the insurance companies to get the money?

    • I think he speaks out of turn based on bad information, then he gets feedback from people he’s more in alignment with and has to pull back – just a guess.

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