Twinkies Are Back!


Photo of the Hostess Twinkies making a big comeback. Yum!

Twinkies are back but union workers are not! NBC News is reporting that Twinkies are back! Not just Twinkies, but also the CupCakes and Donettes. It doesn’t get better than that for people with a sweet tooth.

As long as the lemon CupCake returns, I’m good.

Devil Dogs and Yodels were bought by another company – McKee Foods – but where are they? I have looked for them and can’t find them.

Striking workers ended the company that made these yummy foods under the brand name Hostess. The unions claim that management was to blame, but they are the ones who refused to negotiate a temporary wage reduction to get the company back up. Though I must add that the Teamsters did agree to the deal. Now the union workers want to be hired back by the owners of Twinkies who are actually the former owners of Hostess who bought the recipes and the names back.

Unsurprisingly, the union workers will not get their jobs back. This company will be non-union.

The products were on the decline before the strike. People are eating healthier which is all well and good, but some things should never fade away.