Twitter Tale of Memories Pizza from Death Threats to $91,000 and Growing


Indiana’s Memories Pizza is under assault by Fascists for telling the media they like the Indiana Religious Restoration Act and for not believing in serving their pizza at a gay marriage.

The owners of Memories Pizza are receiving death threats and have shut down the store at least temporarily. There is a police car outside the store. The people threatening the store owners are Fascists and they have the support of the press but not Fox News or alternative media.

This is no longer a sympathetic story about LGBTs who are offended. It’s a story of Fascists trying to destroy, perhaps even kill, people who don’t believe in gay marriage.

The woman who tweeted below is extremely foolish. She is liable for criminal charges. She’d better hope no one burns the store down.

Jess Dooley

They think you’re a bigot if you don’t believe in gay marriage.

bigot if don't beleive in gay marriage

The O’Connors never said they hated gays or would deny service to gays, yet that doesn’t stop the fascists who hope to destroy them.

hope to destroy them

The lies keep coming.

won't serve

The family never bragged about anything. They just explained where they stood.

The hate keeps coming too.

As Dana Loesch said:

The haters are out in full force but the joke is on the haters because the gofundme site for Memories Pizza is up $91,000 – $267,561!