Two Old Socialists Debate at Democrat Town Hall About Who Will Give Away More of Our Money


Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Last night’s town hall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was nothing more than two old socialists screaming over each other as to who will steal the most amount of money to finance their agenda of freebies and climate change science.

The left and the youth are applauding the loss of jobs, the fact that we won’t have as much money and won’t live as long. The leftist policies are somehow ‘moral’ and we deserve it. It’s what they believe has to be done to be ‘moral’.

They screamed about raising the minimum wage regardless of the fact that it will put people out of business. The same thing went on over climate change. Bernie and Hillary think they are going to come up with high-paying government jobs to replace all the lost energy industry jobs.

They mean to destroy fossil fuels.

Sanders brags about it as we know Hillary has.

“We have got to ingrain moral principles into our economy. And there is no area where that is clearer than in the area of climate change. The greed of the fossil fuel industry is literally destroying our planet. The scientists are virtually unanimous: climate change is real, and it is caused by human activity. It is already causing devastating problems all over this planet.

And whether the fossil fuel industry likes it or not, we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. And what Pope Francis has told us over and over again is we have the wealth to do that. We have the technology to do that. We have the know-how to do that. But what we have got to confront is the greed of the fossil fuel industry.

This old socialist fool thinks oil, gas and coal are the cause of all our problems.

Here’s an excerpt from a radio show today where the two argue over who will give away more of others peoples’ money.