Tyrannical New NLRB Law: Unions Will Tell Businesses If They Can Relocate



The “rules” government agencies are passing are not rules, they are laws. The president’s government agencies are writing law. This is what totalitarianism looks like. The latest example comes from the NLRB which will pass a “rule” that will prevent private unionized businesses from ever moving a company without the union’s permission.

It is bad enough that the courts can tell private businesses they can’t move their business, but now the NLRB, Obama’s Totalitarian labor board, will give unions veto power over a unionized employer’s decision to relocate.

Unionized businesses will never be able to move to a right-to-work state again and unions will hold the power of the purse as if statist unions aren’t powerful enough.

Richard Griffin, the new legal counsel for the NLRB, made the proposal which he will undoubtedly be able to put into effect. This new law parading around as a “rule” is diametrically opposed to free market capitalism.

At the present time, under the law, businesses can move and they don’t have to get the permission of the unions. Griffin will make bargaining mandatory.

Griffin sent a memo to the NLRB’s regional directors ordering them not to act on cases presenting issues “of concern” to him. He has many issues and decisions will not be based on law but rather on Griffin’s “guidance.”  In this way, the law will be changed. The business will be prosecuted for violating Griffin’s law. This new rule banning businesses from relocating is one of his “issues.”

Decades ago, the court made it very clear that the board must respect “management’s [need] to be free from the constraints of the bargaining process to the extent essential for the running of a profitable business.” It admonished the board:

Bargaining over management decisions that have a substantial impact on the continued availability of employment should be required only if the benefit, for labor-management relations and the collective-bargaining process, outweighs the burden placed on the conduct of business.

The NLRB is not only circumventing the law and the Congress, it’s circumventing the Supreme Court of the United States.

Obama’s NLRB is completely lawless.

Source: Real Clear Politics