Tyranny Enters Softly at First


Portrait Commissioned by Obama, which is still being kept under wraps

photo of Barack Obama as Julius Caesar

President Obama can do anything he wants to us and we love him for it.

A CNN/ORC poll released Sunday May 20 shows Obama is untouched by the Benghazi, IRS and AP scandals hitting the nation this past week though the same respondents are concerned about the scandals. His popularity was and is at 53%.

President Obama presents himself as an innocent observer of events as they unfold outward from his own powerful Executive Branch [the IRS, DOD, HHS, USDA, DOJ, DHS, State, Labor, Education, EPA and other overreaching departments and agencies are arms of the Executive Branch – Executive agencies]

If you are curious as to how tyranny took hold historically, you might want to look at what we are currently living through right here in the United States.

We now define freedom as the freedom to abide by the government’s plan for us. We have become a dumbed-down society trusting in soundbites, media distortions, and the need for the false sense of security offered by the government.

The Washington Post suggested on Friday that the seizure of a very large cache of phone records by the DOJ might have had nothing to do with the national security issue, rather it might have been get-even time.

Last year, the AP would not hold back a story about a foiled al-Qaeda-linked bomb plot to allow Obama time to get in front of the story. Immediately after that  the records were grabbed. [AP records grab]



The president controls the messaging. [MRC]

Eric Holder’s and President Obama’s speeches match the radical left Media Matters prior press releases.

The NY Times, ABC News, NBC, CBS and others echo the president’s ideology and they provide cover for him.

George Soros, the Socialist billionaire and friend to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton [Examiner], has ties to over 30 major news organizations including the NY Times, NPR, the Washington Post, the AP, ABC News, and NBC News.

ABC News president Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is Special Assistant to Barack Obama on national security affairs. CNN’s deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is the wife of Tom Nides who was Hillary Clinton’s deputy until February. The CBS president David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security adviser and a key player in changing the Benghazi Talking Points.

video of Richard Grennell describing the improper relationships



The vehement outrage against Voter ID laws makes no sense. Anyone who can’t secure a photo ID is stunningly incompetent.

Without ID, the vote is more easily subject to fraud.

The far-left unions such as SEIU are more and more in charge of maintaining voting machines. A Spain-based international company, Sctyl, developed our e-election software which allows for unions to one day obtain the contact information for people who are predisposed towards voting Democratic. [finance.daily herald]

The proposed immigration bill and the Obamacare law allow for voter canvassing by Democrats.

Opposition to the liberal ideology will be a thing of the past in the near-future.



Some in our administration are above the law. Corzine was above the law when he invested and lost money that didn’t belong to the company he ran. Holder does not have to give required records on Fast & Furious or Benghazi to Congress, the body charged with controlling abuses by the other branches of government. Holder consistently does not enforce immigration law and sues states that try to. He didn’t enforce DOMA – like it or not – it is the law.

The rich are becoming more powerful, creating an ever-wider societal divide. Obama and his minions are the 1%ers that they love to demonize.

Obama rewards his friends in the solar and wind industry with lucrative contracts and gives them additional funds even as they collapse into bankruptcy.

Obama bolsters the big banks. The Dodd-Frank bill has helped destroy many small banks that couldn’t afford the expensive new regulations and it has done nothing to hurt the big banks which have grown even bigger.

Unions are rewarded at the expense of investors. Car dealerships and parts manufactures were sacrificed at the altar of the UAW despite prior practice.

The president believes in redistribution of wealth according to his vision of social justice. We are being taxed without representation.

Obama can not remember his way out of all situations. When he is confronted, he has memory lapses or attacks his opponents.

Hillary Clinton can fail to protect the embassies and consulates under her jurisdiction and chalk it up to being busy or not remembering. She appears to be unscathed by her poor performance as head of State.

Eric Holder and now Steven Miller employ the same tactics. They are never on the record as saying a thing though they claim to be transparent.

IRS officials can do whatever they want and retire on fat salaries and bonuses.



When SCOTUS was about to make a decision on the individual mandate as a tax and not a tax simultaneously, Obama, Biden, Senator Leahy, David Axelrod and others sent strongly-worded messages to the SCOTUS. Specific warnings were sent to Justice Roberts.

The Obama Administration told the SCOTUS that if their ruling was not in favor of ObamaCare, Medicare would face extraordinary disruption and “chaos.”

CNBC reported that “…in papers filed with the Supreme Court, administration lawyers warned of “extraordinary disruption” if Medicare is forced to unwind countless transactions that are based on payment changes required by more than 20 separate sections of the Affordable Care Act…”

Obama said it would be “unprecedented” if the court took the “extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” He said that overturning Obamacare would be a case of judicial activism.

Senator Leahy sent a message to Roberts in particular to “do the right thing” and follow the will of the people. Prior to the Obamacare vote, Leahy warned Roberts to not engage in judicial activism.

“I trust that he will be a chief justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch,” said Leahy. “The conservative activism of recent years has not been good for the court. Given the ideological challenge to the Affordable Care Act and the extensive, supportive precedent, it would be extraordinary for the Supreme Court not to defer to Congress in this matter that so clearly affects interstate commerce.”

The majority of the people did not want Obamacare. The vote in the Congress was obtained in many cases through political pressure and bribery. Who can forget the Cornhusker Compromise or the deals made in Florida and elsewhere.

There were many assorted corrupt deals.

In a rare honest moment, the NY Times broke the story that Obama colluded with Big Pharma to block a plan that would reduce the cost of medicine in exchange for Pharma’s support of Obamacare.

AARP, another Obamacare supporter, will make billions off Obamacare.

The IPAB is a rogue agency within Obamacare that will result in the rationing of senior and handicapped healthcare. The 15 unelected  bureaucrats who will make up the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) will have the power to control payments to doctors and hospitals and they will have the power to tax. Congress has no control or oversight powers when it comes to IPAB.



The White House is legislating by writing “rules” from Executive agencies – Health and Human Services, IRS, EPA, FCC, USDA and other agencies. The rules are rewriting laws currently on the books and they circumvent Congress which is the only branch charged with legislating.

Amendments like the Second Amendment are no longer rights but a gift bestowed upon us by the government. The Obamacare mandate which requires every insurer pay for abortifacients and birth control puts the government first before one is allowed to follow one’s core religious beliefs.

Catholics, major opponents of abortion and other beloved practices of the far-left, are infiltrated with Soros-funded groups.

Our First Amendment rights are in danger. We saw that with the AP story last week.

Free speech is no longer free but must abide by political correctness (our US version of Sharia law). If not PC, the accusation of racism or right-wingness and other charges are leveled against the offenders.



Military equipment, infrared camera spying, and drones are becoming a staple of traditional law enforcement.  The military is being told that religious people like Evangelicals, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews are terrorists.

People are becoming more and more dependent on the government for survival through entitlement programs.

Whistleblowers who would inform the public are suppressed. The Fast & Furious whistleblowers paid with their careers. [whistleblowers of Fast & Furious] When J. Christian Adams blew the whistle on the Black Panther travesty at the DOJ, he too had his reputation damaged.

The government is pushing treaties for children, the handicapped, small arms, natural resources et al that would cede US sovereignty.

Everything this administration does is staged. When Obama wants to eliminate the Second Amendment, he arranges for Sheriffs or parents of Newtown victims to stand beside him. When he is pushing immigration reform, he has young, studious immigrants here illegally – through no fault of their own – surround him at the podium.

Every event becomes politicized. The 100 Benghazi emails and notes which were recently published show an administration unconcerned about the Benghazi victims and completely engulfed in how the event would be portrayed in the media and used by opponents.



Can you hear it now? The soft voice of tyranny? At some point, it will be heard loud and clear and it won’t be pleasant. The victims of the IRS, the AP, and Benghazi scandals are finding that out now.

For those who say it can’t happen here, the US has already been tyrannical, starting with slavery. It can happen here.