Tyranny in America


A government that can send its bureaucrats out to target political opponents is a tyrannical government and that is exactly what happened in the IRS targeting scandal.

Lois Lerner took the Fifth when she was asked to testify about the targeting scandal she oversaw for a reason but we will never know what it is. There will be no charges against her and the reason is that the people who investigated her have skin in the game.

The government doesn’t even put up a facade of impartiality. They count on Americans not caring.


The same attorneys who closed out the case against Lois Lerner are the same attorneys defending the government against the people and groups targeted who have sued the government.

Rep. Jim Jordan said the president prejudged the case when he said there was not a “smidgeon” of corruption at the IRS. The chief lawyer was a maxed-out contributor to Obama’s campaign.

This is a lawless, criminal government where criminals go free and Americans sue the government. The system is a mockery.

The only justice will be at the polls.

Darrell Issa said there is no consequence for wrongdoing in the United States today. The IRS chiefs who testified lied and smirked throughout their testimony, but they will not be held accountable.

Lois Lerner’s dog sent work emails. What was she hiding. The main reasons she can’t be tried is because she did what the administration wanted. She was caught on tape preparing to target people. No liberals were targeted, only Conservative groups. She was also part of a cabal plotting the criminal prosecution of conservatives.

From JW:

Judicial Watch today released new Department of Justice (DOJ) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents that include an official “DOJ Recap” report detailing an October 2010 meeting between Lois Lerner, DOJ officials and the FBI to plan for the possible criminal prosecution of targeted nonprofit organizations for alleged illegal political activity.

The newly obtained records also reveal that the Obama DOJ wanted IRS employees who were going to testify to Congress to turn over documents to the DOJ before giving them to Congress. Records also detail how the Obama IRS gave the FBI 21 computer disks, containing 1.25 million pages of confidential IRS returns from 113,000 nonprofit social 501(c)(4) welfare groups – or nearly every 501(c)(4) in the United States – as part of its prosecution effort. According to a letter from then-House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, “This revelation likely means that the IRS – including possibly Lois Lerner – violated federal tax law by transmitting this information to the Justice Department.”

But the IRS wasn’t simply sending the DOJ information, Lerner herself was meeting with DOJ officials to discuss pursuing criminal charges.

Michelle Malkin conducted some fruitful research you will never see in the mainstream. She found that the Inspector Generals, the government watchdogs have been “kicked, neutered and starved of the information they need to do their jobs.”

“Last year, 47 of the nation’s 73 federal IGs signed an open letter decrying the Obama administration’s stonewalling of their investigations,” Malkin wrote. “The White House, they reported, had placed “serious limitations on access to records that have recently impeded the work” of IGs at the Peace Corps, the EPA and the Department of Justice, and jeopardized their “ability to conduct our work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”

The government is filled with toadies who do the administration’s bidding.