U.C. Irvine Marxist Students Who Hate the U.S. and the Flag


On March 5, by a vote of 6 to 4, U.C. Irvine students demanded the U.S. flag be removed from the student lounge.

WWII vet Jos Borda and US Irvine student Peter Lim exchange words
WWII vet Jos Borda and US Irvine student Peter Lim exchange words

The two students who wrote the resolution, Matthew Guevara and Khaalidah Sidney, wrote,that the Stars and Stripes “has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.” The lounge is supposed to be “culturally inclusive” and while hanging the flag might be seen as free speech, “freedom of speech in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”

The student executive government reversed the decision. The six who voted for it to be taken down were part of a Marxist, social justice leadership organization.


Political satirist, Ami Horowitz, made a short film at U.C. Irvine and here are the results months later.

“There is a flag that has divided the nation and pit brother against brother,” the narrator, Ami Horowitz, begins in a voiceover to his short film. “When this flag was brazenly put up on the campus of the University of California, Irvine, one brave student finally said enough, and took a stand. “Somebody hung up a flag, an American flag.”


When the American flag was hung up, the students felt “uncomfortable” and “unsafe” says UC Irvine Student Government Leader, Matthew Guevara. When “faced with the provocative stars and stripes”, he wrote a bill that banned the U.S. flag from campus.

Guvara said, “It was creating a very hostile environment, just because of this flag being out there [in the lounge]. It doesn’t make people welcomed at all, to where people won’t even go into space anymore because it was on the wall.”

His resolution passed by the student group by a comfortable 60% (6 to 4). Guevara said, “I was really amazed by that. It was — almost every professor I talked to was in support. I mean, every graduate student I came across.”

take the flag down

The narrator asked rhetorically, “There was a legitimate view that the American flag — it represents a hate speech,” to which Geuvara answered, “Yeah. No, exactly. It’s a tool to silence people.”

When asked if he’d feel EQUALLY uncomfortable with the Nazi flat or the ISIS flag, he said “Yeah, Yeah…no question about it. When asked to identify evil in this world, he immediately said, “The U.S….Yeah, but the U.S. is the head honcho.”

The narrator said, “But evil, like top of the list?” and Guevara answered, “Yes, top of the list, definitely.”

At the end, Guevara tells the audience that blacks are “enslaved” in this country.

An online petition to remove Guevara only received 100 signatures.

U.C. Irvine, a government taxpayer-funded university has been in the news for their visible anti-Semitism. JNS is seeking a definition of anti-Semitism that conforms with the federal definition so they can deal with the anti-Semitism on campus.

Campus protest against Israel
Campus protest against Israel in 2013

2014 Anti-Israel protestThe obvious question is what is being taught by these professors at our California colleges.



  1. If we are such a horrible country why are people coming here by the thousands illegally and willing to do anything to stay. This country has kept more people free than any other country in history. If he truly believe what he is saying then he needs to go somewhere else NOW.

  2. What has Mexico done for Mexicans? They all come to the U.S. for a reason,as do all the other countries of the world! Disrespect is ignorance unveiled! Wisdom is superior to knowledge as freedom is to slavery! We are living in the land of blood bought freedom! The only problem is the toleration of stupidity!

  3. I am so sick of this crap…….We have flown the american flag for 200 years with out any problems……Why is the younger generation wanting to change…..They have never done anything for our country, never worked and paid taxes,never in a branch of the service to protect our way of life. All they know is handouts….government pays for their education, for their rent, their food ….They dont have a clue what it is to be out in the real world, where they pay rent, take care of kids,pay bills, take of their own selves or their own families….It is not for them to say weather a flag should stay or go…………They have not earned the right to have a say in government or anything else……………………People have too much free time to think of this hatred and bull shit…….Let everyone do their part and be proud of our country………..I worked for 42 years paid taxes and social security…..We got so many people on social security who have never worked a day in their life………….and then have nerve to talk about wether we fly the flag……they dont have a clue…I dont know how to fix the problems our country is having……….but flying the flag isnt one of them! We have bigger fish to fry………………………………….Worry about something that matters………..Do something positive about life

  4. Am so un easy with trhese ass holes from other countries and out sidde the norm beleifs. they need to go home away far away and if not pack them up and send them . but allowing them to take down the american flag for any reason is stupid unamerican and totallty against all the trrue beleivers in american heritage .
    we faught like hell to keep the flag and i will stand and use forde as needed if this is comming down.

  5. If they hate this country and the flag so much . Then they can get the fuck out . Nothing is keeping them here , so why are they staying here .

  6. if you don’t like our flag then get the fuck out of our country cause we ain’t going to change it for you It is for us so go back to your country on your on or we will send you in A body bag we American have had enough of your bullshit .Your getting ready to see what our flag and what we stand for and it damn sure ain’t you. as of right now 9/7/2015 if you don’t like our flag and what we stand for you have until 9/14/2015 to get out on 9/15/2015 we are going to start filling body bags.you have been warned We the American People will began to take our Country Back GOD BLESS AMERICA AS YOU WILL SOON SEE

  7. I have been in the Unite States since 1959. I call this my country. I get so tired of the people, specially Students, who are so opinionated about things to do with the heritage in their country. They don’t have RIGHTS yet to think they will be the generation that will MAKE THINGS RIGHT . The beauty of this is that the minute they go into the real world, they realized they have to applied themselves to the jobs they were Fortunate to get. The flag is something very special in EVERY country. The students that get offended by the American flag, just left a country WITH a flag. So the reason they can complain about THE STARTS AND STRIPES is because in their country the flag can change by dictators at will. This flag is held by people who have seen war close up because they held the amunnition, by families who have seen them across their loves one casket. People who seen it fly in important times in their life. Men and women who loves this country because when they were children they were though to HONOR AND RESPECT this flag. Quit the nonsense and remind those students that feel hurt by the FLAG, that in this land that is part of where they stand. God bless America!!!

  8. Since you feel offended, get the hell out of the USA. Go back to whatever sorry ass country you came from. Take your socialist teachers, your sorry family and go, Do not get located because it will hurt.

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