U.N. Finds Enriched Uranium In Iran

Can't Imagine Why Anyone Would Think Iran Is Building A Bomb

U.N. watchdogs found evidence that Iran is enriching uranium beyond what is needed for peaceful purposes.

This is happening while Iran is “engaged” in talks with the West. I’m sure they aren’t building the bomb as we consider easing up on sanctions (irony here).

Iran is claiming that they accidentally enriched to the higher level. Understandable – could happen to anyone (irony again).

Diplomats are saying that they see movement in the talks. Albright said that this situation is “embarrassing” for Iran (Really? Iran cares what we think?).

Iran claimed that the higher enrichment level detected “may happen for technical reasons beyond the operator’s control.” The IAEA has requested further details from Iran and is analyzing additional samples at that site as of the report’s release.

We are going to let Iran get the bomb, of that I have no doubt. It’s North Korea all over again but this enemy poses a greater danger. The only question is how long Israel will allow this to continue.

The news of the find alarmed D.C. and the administration sent Wendy Sherman to meet with Netanyahu. Is our administration alarmed because they are concerned about Iran having a bomb or because they are afraid of what Israel will do?

A find of 27% is significant. For nuclear power, they only need 4% enriched uranium. Anything over 20% is only good for bombs and the 90% threshold is a bit deceiving – 90% is needed for a nuclear bomb, but Iran can make dirty bombs now. Put on missiles or smuggled into a subway, they can cause tremendous damage.

Furthermore, the higher the enrichment, the easier it is to get it higher. It’s still far from 90% however.

Iran appears to be on the way to making fissile core nuclear arms –

LA Times: VIENNA — The United Nations atomic watchdog agency has found evidence at an underground bunker in Iran that may mean scientists there have moved closer to enriching uranium to the level needed to produce nuclear weapons.Is D.C. alarmed because  Iran is building a bomb or is it because they don’t know how Israel will react?

Iran, for its part, claims the slightly more highly enriched uranium was the result of a technical glitch, according to a restricted report from the International Atomic Energy Agency obtained by The Times.

Experts said the discovery of traces of uranium enriched up to 27% at the Fordow facility near the holy city of Qom is above Iran’s previously highest-known enrichment grade, about 20%, but may be the result of improper calibration when the centrifuges were first used.

Uranium must be enriched to roughly 90% in order to make a nuclear weapon