U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres Warns Trump the U.S. Can Be Replaced


The U.N.’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned President Trump on Tuesday that the U.S. could be replaced.

Oh, yes, please, replace us.

The bottom line is Guterres, a communist, wants more money from the U.S. and is opposed to the new funding levels, especially for refugees.

During his first press conference, Guterres told reporters the new funding levels proposed by the United States would be disastrous and create, “an unsolvable problem to the management of the U.N.”

Surely the communists in the U.N. have the answers to solve that problem. They want to control the world after all.

The globalist grifter Guterres is threatening to replace us because surely other countries will clamor for the opportunity to provide welfare to the rest of the world in our stead.

He urged rich countries to do much more to support the 80 percent of the world’s refugees living in the developing world — and to increase the number of refugees they will give new homes to, ABC News and Fox News reported.

We have to support 80% of the world?

It’s not going to work with Trump. He just proposed Congress pass legislation that will keep immigrants to the U.S. from collecting welfare for at least five years.

Guterres is an open borders leftist who was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. That’s where his heart lies. He appealed to all U.N. member states “not to refuse entry to those seeking asylum and deserving protection”.

It’s not the U.S.’s job to support the world. It’s our job to take care of our own, but these people don’t believe in sovereignty.

Basically, he wants us to open the U.S. to anyone who wants to come

Trump has cut refugee resettlement funds by 25% and Guterres wants the numbers back up.

Guterres singled out the US and our America-first President for criticism saying we are “by far the largest resettlement country in the world” with a “very generous and positive policy.”

Yeah, Guterres, that’s got to stop.

Guterres is oblivious to the fact that the refugees are attacking civil society and that terrorism accompanies mass invasions. It’s also unaffordable.

He plans to come to D.C. soon and talk it up with the pawns in Congress, going around the President. It’s traitorous for these congressmen to entertain his ideas outside of the presidency.

Guterres is pushing the globalist agenda of open borders and redistribution. The best thing that could happen is for the U.S. to cut funds and many of the ties to these anti-American communists.

One of our readers posted this link, it’s worth checking out, Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record-Appendix, pp. A34-35 January 10, 1963


  1. Lol, is that a threat ? Replace us and save us a few hundred billion more dollars. While we know about the Washington swamp of corruption, there is an ocean of corruption at the UN

  2. Both the EU and the UN are welfare agencies for the hope-to-be-wealthy.

    I suggest watching two videos; BoomTown and Brexit: the Movie.

    They both show how bureaucrats are living the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

    They want the lifestyle without creating anything of value by building a business. No doubt THIS is where the hatred of Trump comes from. He built an empire with modest means and they are incapable of doing the same.

    • I’m with U Chuck. The UN does nothing that benefits the USA or any of its citizens. If I’m wrong please enlighten me. All they do is take our money and occupy a plot of land and a building that cud better be used for the needy of our country.

      • I think they should locate the UN in Syria. There will soon be a vacuum there when ISIS leaves and putting the UN There would ensure tranquility in the region.

  3. Just push Guterres off a six story building and get another Sec Gen. (someone who contributes to the objectives of NATO)

    • What the hell is wrong with people, yes they will replace the US when the dollar falls and it will. I’m into online currency and those that are not ready for the dollar to crash better start soon, I’m told Gold will soar starting July 7, 2017 and that can only mean, high inflation, banks crash or stock market major correction, these fricken communist have been trying to destroy the dollar for years. Our President Donald J Trump has brought back Trillions of dollars already and have seen 4 Trillion dollars return to the stock market but remember our dollar is not backed by Gold and online currency is. My company has eliminated my job and I’ve watched them slowly eliminate all liability from our giant company because they know whats coming. I agree with getting out of the UN and away from the Global Law…NOW OBAMA FANS CHECK THIS, IF IT IS FAKE NEWS SORRY BUT I JUST GOT IT OFFLINE. CBO ACCIDENTALLY FINDS OBAMA FRAUD COVERUP IN THE BILLIONSNational News
      The Congressional Budget Office, in its yearly audit of the previous fiscal year’s numbers, stumbled across something that made perfect sense mathematically, but that’s about it. It seems that buried in the website built for the federal government by Michelle Obama’s college buddy was a single line of code that turned the “Healthcare Marketplace” into a billion dollar profit for the traitorous Obamas.

      The scam was nearly perfect. One tenth of one percent of every dollar spent by the government on subsidies went into an “ancillary fund” where it was supposed to be stored and then re-deposited into the general fund at the end of the fiscal year if the money wasn’t needed for “discretionary spending.”
      So, the money wasn’t counted coming in or going out and the only way it would have ever been noticed is if it were actually there come accounting time. It’s a brilliant scheme.

      In reality, the money was all sent to an offshore numbered account in Caledonia, where the US has no jurisdiction. The CBO says that ancillary fund’s withdrawals were made under the EONS or “eyes only national security” tag. Representative Alex Brinkman says that if that tag was misused and those funds were accessed by Obama it would be fraud on a treasonous level:

      “We’re talking about billions of dollars here. This kind of a cover-up had to include at least a dozen people. The fact that none have come forward is astonishing. We will get to the bottom of this.”
      US Attorney Raymond Hershey says a grand jury could possibly indict on what they have now, so he’s hoping a full investigation will be enough to actually prosecute the Obama’s and their computer pal for serious crimes. TRUMPTRAIN – DRAINING THE SWAMP! YAY…

  4. We are not listening to these left wing cess pool workers any more; Get lost, Pally and don’t come back

  5. We should stop funding their posh headquarters in Washington, as well. If they stay then they should pay proper rent and be subject to all the laws of the United States, such as Traffic, just to begin with.

  6. Great! Let someone else pay for a change. Gravy train is over, maybe ask the Saudis or Chinese, they have deep pockets….

  7. Internet search and read this: Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35
    January 10, 1963

  8. Let’s see who in DC will meet with this communist. I will not be surprised if Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jeff Flake do. They will find time in between doing nothing and blocking Trump to meet with this hack.

  9. The UN is a corrupt, worthless, contemptible organization. Other than its value as a source of intelligence info, I see no reason for the U.S. to maintain membership and host it in New York.

  10. Resign from the UN, secure the building, give all countries 30 days to remove any items from their offices, under Marine escort. If they do not comply ALL items become property of the US government for resale. Give all UN members a 30 day temporary VISA so they have time to schedule flights back to their home countries. Failure to comply will result in arrest as illegal aliens. Gut the building, turn it into a veterans center complete with hospital, pharmacy, one bedroom apartments, commissary, PX, counseling offices, cafeteria, and a theater.

  11. Evict the UN. Since have only the foulest intent, they have no busy operating on American soil.

  12. This odious self-serving slug Guterres is just another Neo-Con-Globalist plant in the now galactically-corrupt & utterly compromised UN.

    Last time I saw him show his face, he was threatening Australia to take in more so-called “refugees”. He neglected to mention that globalist machinations, in which they have inveigled the UN, are largely responsible for the bulk of these deliberately-contrived refugees anyway.

    Just remember: “Almost all misery in the world today is part of some business model”.

  13. Cutting funding isn’t enough. Time to send them packing. The President also needs to inform Congress that only the President, or an AUTHORIZED Representative thereof can speak to them.

  14. We need to do what GIJoe recommends. Close the building, and deport the folks that work there. After 1 month, have a huge block yard sale and get rid of any leftovers.
    Go in and retool the building so that it can be retrofitted for all the things GIJoe mentioned, and open it to HOMELESS VETERANS FIRST!!!!

  15. This bastard is mad because his income got cut and his life style won’t be as lavish. That what American taxpayers do , we make people in these so called organizations rich. I’d like a rundown of his salary and the salaries of the people employed by the UN. The Paris Accord is the same way. The elite of the world making sure that people of the upper class are taken care of.
    You know when you rob a bee hive you take almost all of the honey. Sometimes you leave a single frame for them. Some times you take all the frames full of the honey they have worked so hard for, and insert empty frames so they can start over making honey for you! There’s a word for that, it’s called the government! We just keep trying to hang on while they enjoy our money and spread it around like it was a dish of honey. After all there’s more where that came from!

  16. Time for America to stop (wrongly) supporting the world. We’re TWENTY TRILLION in debt. Fact is…….we can no longer AFFORD TO!!

  17. If you want me to froth at the mouth with fear of the big bad communists, you are going to have to do better than thinking I’m going to believe “Trump just proposed Congress pass legislation that will keep immigrants to the U.S. from collecting welfare for at least five years” as that very same thing was made into law by the Bill Clinton’s WH over 20 years ago. If you think the US is supporting the world, take a look at how this country is being gutted by the present WH, it is not even supporting us, or you. But no worries, right? you have plenty of money to help you hang in there until things get better. I’m sure. Once we get all the freeloading poor, old, disabled moochers out, is going to be peachy keen.

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