U.N. Small Arms Programme of Action, a Sad Day for the Second Amendment – Update


The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is a threat to our second amendment and other than the NRA, a few conservative blogs, and Dick Morris, no one has been talking about it. While the treaty has not passed and will not be reconsidered until next year, a Programme of Action has been approved.

The POA is voluntary – for now. It should, however, send the message to people that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is alive and well. [Read details of the POA conference at the NRA site]

A meeting of U.N. member states to discuss control of the illicit small arms trade worldwide took place in July in an attempt to pass an Arms Trade Treaty. After failing to reach agreement, a decision was made to delay discussion of a treaty until next year.

Then,with no fanfare, on August 27, the UN convened its two-week-long Second Review Conference of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons. On September 7th, a U.N. press release came out announcing an agreement on key issues which member states can voluntarily agree to abide by.

The goal of fighting the illicit arms trade would be a good one if it wasn’t somewhat of a hoax. Nations, which are the worst offenders, Iran and Cuba are two good examples, need not comply [Listen to the Dick Morris video for more information].

The entire process could be used by our administration to limit or eliminate our second amendment by a process of slow erosion. Ironically, they are going to make us do more than the Fast & Furious people.

The Programme of Action is not binding as the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) would be but it tackles the same issue.

POA has been around since 2001 and is meant to combat the illicit trade and use of small arms by setting up an internationally accepted set of standards for dealing with the issue. The POA also encourages states to adopt domestic controls over the manufacturing and distribution of firearms and then report on their progress. States may agree to work towards the goals of the POA.

The U.N. press release states that all weapons will be marked by member states who agree. In a country that now has a president who rules by fiat, this could be a concern.

Hillary Clinton has said it’s paranoiac to be concerned about Arms Trade Treaty and it will not affect our second amendment. We will see if that is true, but I personally don’t believe a word she says. The Programme of Action seems like an end-run around this “paranoiac” treaty. If not, it certainly shows they are not going away any time soon.

One of the things considered at the POA conference was gun registration and that was rejected. They considered the following: “For each individual small arm and light weapon under the jurisdiction of a State, records of the following information, where applicable in each instance, shall be maintained:… ownership information (names, addresses and license numbers of owners, as well as dates of ownership, up until the point that the weapon leaves the jurisdiction of the State,” and further recommends, “records of all small arms and light weapons under the jurisdiction of a State should be maintained in a centralized database administered by a competent State authority.” ISACS has yet to be completed, but upcoming international standards the POA will promote include “National controls over the end-user and end-use of internationally transferred small arms and light weapons” and “National controls over the access of civilians to small arms and light weapons.”

A U.N. organization wants to supervise and guide the implementation of the “programme,” which they hope will include marking of all weapons and gun registration. They wanted to mark ammo as well but the U.S. rejected that in July The U.N. is Marxist and opposed to private gun ownership – what could possibly go wrong?

From the release:

“The final report expresses the international community’s unwavering commitment to combat the devastating impacts of illicit small arms and light weapons,” the spokesperson said in a statement today. “It also sets out a roadmap for the period 2012-2018, with concrete, actionable steps to implement the Programme of Action.”

The Programme of Action, which countries adopted by consensus in 2001, contains concrete recommendations for improving national legislation and controls over illicit small arms, fostering regional cooperation and promoting international assistance and cooperation on the issue.

Countries agreed to, among other measures, ensuring that licensed manufacturers apply an appropriate and reliable marking on each small arm and light weapon as an integral part of the production process, and to keeping comprehensive and accurate records for as long as possible on the manufacture, holding and transfer of small arms and light weapons under their jurisdiction.

“The Secretary-General believes that the success achieved at this Review Conference will further bolster the international community’s efforts to tackle the challenges associated with the wide availability of illicit small arms,” the UN chief’s spokesperson added. “In particular, this success should give further impetus to the efforts to conclude the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) process in the nearest future.”

This administration runs the government via executive orders and rules as if the executive and legislative branches fall solely under the jurisdiction of President Obama and his cronies. Even a voluntary Programme of Action, while not a treaty, does bear watching.

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There is evidence that President Obama has hidden his extreme stance on private gun ownership. That shouldn’t prove surprising to anyone who has watched President Obama in action.

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Dick Morris on the Arms Trade Treaty:

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