U.S. Continues $125 Million a Month in Aid to Egypt

Attack on Cairo Embassy

Egyptian President Morsi has called Israeli leaders “vampires” and “killers.” One analyst describes him as an “icon” of those seeking an “extreme agenda.”

It is hard for me to understand how we can continue sending this kind of money to Egypt unconditionally after Morsi allowed the attack on the Cairo Embassy and waited days before attempting to quell it.

Todd Akin, senatorial candidate in Missouri, said U.S. aid to Egypt should be suspended “until the Egyptian government takes corrective action to restore its relationship with the United States.”

Some kind of conditions need to be attached to this money. They need to not promote attacks on our Embassy and they need to assure us they will protect our sovereign property. They also shouldn’t be doing things like spending a billion dollars on 70 year old German U-Boats. What are they going to do with those except torment the Israelis?

Egypt’s administration hates Israel and the U.S. but we keep bribing them without preconditions. Perhaps we must keep up some kind of relationship with Egypt, even if it’s only to bribe them, but we need to monitor how the money is used.

President Obama can’t decide if Egypt is a friend or foe. I can’t tell if Obama is friend or foe.

At the same time Egypt is sending mixed messages, Iran is moving into Syria and continues to fund Hezbollah. All this is going on while they build a nuclear bomb without any coherent response from our president.

President Obama shows no regard for Israel. He had 16 fundraisers while refusing to meet with Netanyahu even though the world around Israel burns. It should give people pause. Netanyahu made it clear that Obama lied when he claimed Netanyahu did not ask for a meeting.

For all of Obama’s toadying to the Muslim extremists, he has earned more disrespect in the Muslim world than any president in modern times.

We’re in the hands of a President who lies with ease and who has a foreign policy of appeasement. Israel and the United States are going down if this continues much longer.

If you are a Hindu, you can count on coming back in another life, but, for me, this is my one life and I want to leave this world a better place for my having been here. I want to leave my children the wonderful American heritage, ideals, and dream that I had.

Our media is lying to us. Our administration is lying to us. We must stand up for our country and fight this or we will lose her.