U.S. Food Prices Continue To Skyrocket, Increases Reach 20-33%


h/t Herb Richmond and Economic Collapse

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Obama dogs, Bo and Sunny, they eat better than we will.

Food prices are skyrocketing. Fuel prices, Obama regulations, Obamacare, government confiscation of ranch and farm land, Democrat policies in general are undoubtedly partly to blame.

The leading cause of food inflation, however, is the roughly  $950 billion of additional monetary stimulus from the United States Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing (QE) over the last year. QE is the printing of money to stimulate the economy with commodity speculation.

Quantitative Easing has never stimulated anything but inflation and it is still stimulating nothing but inflation, though it does help Wall Street get richer.

Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve, isn’t worried and that should worry you. She isn’t going to stop this failed policy any time soon. When she does, inflation could easily become stagflation. Maybe we are already there. The U.S. GDP went down -2.9% last quarter and people are leaving the workforce. Unemployment numbers, which reflect huge increases in part-time jobs, are pretty much meaningless.

The government wants us to eat healthy because they are in charge of our healthcare but it will be unaffordable to eat healthy. Unfortunately, all we will be able to afford are grains. We can eat bread and make cake. Eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruit are all becoming unaffordable.

According to the latest data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, year-over-year gains in some food products at the producer level have been dramatic to say the least.

Eggs for fresh use are up 33.9%.

Pork is up 28%.

Processed turkeys are up 20.4%.

Dairy products are up 10.7%.

Fresh and dry vegetables are up 8.4%.

Fresh fruits and melons are up 7.5%.

Grains are down 30.5%.

One-third of adults under 35 years live with their parents. Home sales are collapsing. More Americans are out of the work force than since WWII. U.S. food inflation was running at 22% as reported on Breitbart News.