U.S.Fuel Rates Skyrocket, Money Subsidizes Fossil Fuels In Russia, Mexico, et al


“…the Obama administration is “imposing a hefty energy tax on Americans” while “subsidizing fossil-fuel projects in foreign countries.” ~ Diane Katz, Heritage Foundation Policy Analyst

Americans are finding their electricity rates “must necessarily skyrocket”, filling up the car engine is becoming a challenge, the coal industry is being destroyed, the government is regulating oil and gas into oblivion, fraking is under the gun, but do Americans know where their higher tax dollars and jobs are going? They are going to….wait for it….subsidize fossil fuels in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico (the country that won’t release Sgt. Tahmooressi), et al!

in jail

Sgt. Tahmooressi in jail. He is the soldier Barack Obama left behind.

Our president just rolled out 645-pages of new “rules” that will kill jobs and raise taxes in the name of cutting carbon dioxide emissions because of global warming, something that has only negligibly existed for nearly 18 years.

Barack Obama told West Point cadets at their graduation that it was the real war we face. More hypocritical than Al Gore who sold his TV channel to the oil monopoly of Qatar, is Barack Obama who is at the same time he is saying this, is subsidizing fossil fuels throughout the world and doing so in some very strange places.

A total of 5.87 million metric tons a year will be authorized as U.S. exports from four new fossil-fuel power plants, 3.67 million metric tons will be produced at natural gas-fired plants in Spain, Russia, and Israel, and 2.2 million metric tons will be produced by a coal-fired plant related to a copper-mining project in Mongolia.

The Export-Import bank, Ex-Im as it is known, is a U.S. government agency that provides low-interest loans to exporters and guarantees to foreign buyers of American goods. They provided $494.5 million for exports to the project in Mongolia and $32.3 million in “engineering services” for a petroleum refinery in Russia (2013 report, page 26 at Heritage).

Then there is the incredible amount of money going to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Mexico, the country that won’t release Sgt. Tahmooressi, gets $4.5 billion for mining projects, $1.2 billion for oil and gas exploration and development by their socialist, government-owned oil company Pemex (2012 report, page 18). Go to Heritage Daily Signal for the full story and more interesting information.

105 days in a Mexican jail

Sgt. Tahmooressi in Afghanistan where he served two tours of duty. He has been rotting in a Mexican prison for 105 days.

This is what socialists and communists do. They say one thing and do another. The ends justify the means no matter what the means are. The only sure thing with them is the end point – socialism or communism engrained in the very core of the nation’s being.