U.S. House Elections? Yaaaaawn


I don’t believe anyone – except perhaps Nancy Pelosi – thinks that control of the U.S. House of Representatives will change hands this year.  All of the House members are elected every two years and, if memory serves me correctly, the Republicans sent 60 freshmen legislators to Washington, D.C. in 2010.  The Democrats would have to hope for a landslide Obama win in the presidential race and then pray his coattails were long enough to spring a +25 seat Democrat majority.

The party out of power almost always loses a few seats in the very next election, but the mood of the electorate has remained strongly opposed to both the House and Senate for many moons.  It’s not likely they’ll treat the Democrats any better than the Republicans this time around.

That 2010 Republican tsunami may very well play a more substantial role in this year’s election than most of the pundits are thinking.  In fact, I haven’t seen or read very much about that strong public sentiment carrying over to this year at all.  And, of course, it’s possible it won’t.  But, it might, and if it does, that bodes extremely well for the Republicans.

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

The Republicans currently hold 240 seats in the House to the Democrats 190.  There are five seats vacant, for a total of 530 Representatives.