U.S. Navy: Extremely Unlikely LTC Timothy White Will Be Charged Unless…


LTC Timothy White

LTC Timothy White

Over the weekend, Lt. Col. Allen West and Democratic presidential hopeful Jim Webb informed the public that Lt. Commander Timothy White was being investigated and the Department of Defense was seriously considering charging him for discharging his weapon on federal property.

Lt. Commander White is the Naval Commander who used his personal firearm to shoot at a Muslim terrorist in Chattanooga during an ongoing attack.

Lt Commander White

Lt. Commander Timothy White with his family.

The U.S. Navy at first released a tepid denial in response to a commenter on their Facebook page who criticized the Navy for considering charges against the Lt. Commander.

“Stories of Navy personnel being charged with an offense are not true. There is still a long way to go in reviewing the facts of this tragic incident, but at this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense.”

All that says of course is they haven’t charged him yet and they are investigating.

A number of outlets and both right and left-wing bloggers harshly criticized former Congressman West, not much criticism aimed at Jim Webb, mostly West, for allegedly saying something that wasn’t accurate.

The Navy came out with a stronger statement. They told Fox News the story is “not true” and it is “extremely unlikely” White will be charged.

However, a senior defense official added the following caveat:

“Even if remote is there a chance (White) contributed to the chaos and got people killed? Hurt police efforts? We are exploring that.”

They should have stopped at “extremely unlikely” and this investigation should be over by now.

How could LTC White have hurt police efforts? They are all on the same side. The police were chasing the terrorist but they didn’t get there in time to save the lives of five Marines and a Sailor.

This issue came up on O’Reilly this evening during the segment with two legal eagles. They said technically he could be charged but he acted in self-defense. O’Reilly said they’re not going to charge him because “all Hell will break loose.”

The people in authority in the Pentagon have been placed in their positions by an ardent anti-gun president and the shooting took place in a gun-free zone which is an illogical outgrowth of an illogical, government-protected principle that gun free zones make people safe.

Sens. John McCain and Mac Thornberry will put a rider on next year’s defense authorization bill which will force the Pentagon to allow military to carry guns on base.

That seems like a no-brainer since they are targets.

The Pentagon also doesn’t want an over-armed military. Terrorists would agree!

There was a shooting at Ft. Shelby Tuesday. A gunman opened fire from a pickup truck but no one was hurt and the story could end up being buried by the media.


If people are still concerned, they could call or email. Ashton Carter is the Secretary of Defense for the United States. Marine Gen. Martin Dempsey is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ray Mabus is the Secretary of the U.S. Navy – his email is secnavpa.fct@navy.mil. All three work at the Pentagon where the mailing address is: 1400 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1400. The main switchboard number is 703 571-3343.

The deaths of the men at Chattanooga devastated lives. Would you have stood up for these men? We need to protect our military and honor their service.

Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan Makeshift memorial Memorial Memorial 2 Military center in Chattanooga rection to death


  1. LtCmdr White did just exactly what I’d expect any armed member of our armed forces to do if fellow service members were being shoot down like ducks at a carnival shooting gallery. Failing to give assistance, when you have the ability to do so, is a legitimate courts martial offence.

    If anything- by returning fire White may have saved lives and allowed the police to get into a better position. Once the killer realized someone was shooting back, he would have most likely turned his attention towards the person towards the shooter and away from the unarmed personnel..

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