U.S. No-Go Zones Prepare for Jihad


Lt. Col. Peters was on Fox & Friends Sunday commenting about the Paris terror attack. One issue that came up were the alleged no-go zones in France where no Frenchmen, including a police officer, will go. Radicals are free to radicalize in these impoverished areas where disenchanted youth plan jihad according to Fox News.

Peters said we cannot tolerate zones where sharia law is practiced. I wonder if people know that we have them in the United States.

We have areas of Minnesota and Dearborn Michigan where no one will dare go. There are signs up in some of our parks warning tourists to not enter because the cartels have taken them over.

Perhaps the single worst threat is in the rural areas like Hancock, NY where an enclave known as Islamberg is the lead camp for other 35 such camps throughout the country. No one goes into the camp but one of the members. They all live on welfare, another favorite of terrorists.

Islamberg training camp

The camp does training and recruiting. Some believe the only purpose could be for ultimate jihad in the United states but we do nothing about it.

The camps are under the lead of a radial Sheikh in Pakistan, Sheikh Gilani. It’s governed by Muslims of America, a group Mr. Obama supports – it’s the only PC thing to do.