U.S. Not Involved In Toning Down Palestinian Language for U.N. Statehood Resolution


Contrary to what the Obama administration is saying, they are not pressuring Palestinians to tone down the language of the statehood resolution, there is no diplomatic push, and there is likely some deal between Obama and the Palestinian thug, Abbas.

The Obama administration, despite its promises to veto any Palestinian statehood resolution that comes before the U.N. Security Council, will not be doing anything about the Palestinian resolution asking for membership in the U.N. General Assembly, and the resolution will pass.

This will enable Palestinians to get on international bodies and to sue Israel through the International Criminal Court. Palestinians want Israel tried as war criminals. While Palestine won’t “exist” as a state, they will be non-voting members with clout.

Don’t believe me, read the following paragraph and Susan Rice’s own words admitting exactly that.

Our U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, told a small group of Jewish journalists in a press conference today, Thursday, that the U.S. is NOT involved in trying to tone down or modify language for the upcoming draft resolution on Palestinian statehood. She said, “We’re not negotiating any text, we’re not engaged in efforts to water down a text…We’re making the case that this is not a productive course.”. Read here: Pure bolshoi