U.S. Paying for Egypt’s Purchase of German U-Boats


U.S. taxpayers will essentially buy German U-boats for Egypt, even as they supported the attack on our embassy and as their president ranted against our first amendment in Brussels. We will buy them even though they have said they will reopen the Camp David Accords and that they see Israel as the zionist enemy.

As Obama is planning a $1 billion aid package, Egypt is attempting to buy $1 billion worth of German subs which would pose a threat to Israel’s offshore energy projects. Egypt has already cut off energy to Israel.

The Germans have been invisible during this process though they claim to be Israeli supporters. I guess that’s why they just arrested a Rabbi for performing a circumcision in alignment with a new anti-circumcision law they passed that ignores freedom of religion.

Israel is lucky to have Obama since he said he is their greatest friend of any U.S. president – ever.

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