UAW – Negotiating for Increases – They’ll Be Back to Imbibe Using the Taxpayers’ Trough

UAW Workers Drinking & Smoking Pot on the Job, Salaries Paid With Taxpayer Money

The first things that should be considered during GM negotiations are quality control and employee supervision. Are the rules so accepting of bad behavior that management can’t control it or do they fail to try? More than that, the UAW needs to make concessions all around, not just single out new employees to bear the brunt of the cuts.

GM & Chrysler are private companies that failed. In a big payoff to unions, first President Bush and then President Obama, bailed them out. They are not profitable though they say they are. Have the taxpayers seen their money yet?

Forbes tells us emphatically “NO.” “The company got $50 billion from our government, and $10 billion more from Canada. They have paid the U.S. back $7 billion plus interest, as I understand it, including the latest payment of nearly $5 billion. So they say they paid us back…Not quite: That still leaves $43 billion.”

Last negotiation, the UAW agreed to a two-tiered wage system, separating the new employees from the current and more senior employees to the tune of $14 per hour for new and $50 per hour for senior. The benefits they receive brings the actual pay of senior employees to $76 an hour, but I don’t know how it affects newer workers. ( Keep in mind that most of these jobs are semi-skilled factory jobs.

This is an agreement they never would have reached if the union wasn’t now one of the owners. It is also blatantly unfair and stems from the willingness of the senior people to sell out the newer employees instead of doing what they should have done – make some sacrifices themselves. This system is causing dissension among the ranks (wonder why) so the UAW wants an increase for the newer employees who are doing the same work for much less pay.

Why don’t the seniors take a pay freeze so the others can get the increase? And why don’t they give up some benefits. These companies are not turning a profit – they have not paid the taxpayer back and they keep coming back to the well for more money. Instead, why don’t they PAY US BACK for real and stop pretending they are.

I don’t want my tax money going to the UAW any longer without the right to participate in their negotiations – that is blatantly unfair, but we know that is not happening. We have no rights as taxpayers but we are expected to pay up.

The UAW currently pays less than 10% of their healthcare costs. Most companies now pay 50%. The administration would like he UAW to concede on this so they can become more competitive with foreign companies.

Time for the senior workers to give a little.