Ugly People Need to Get a Job in Buffalo’s School District


If you are a teacher who also happens to be ugly, there is social justice waiting for you in the Buffalo School District. There is a rider to their contract, last negotiated in 2004, that enables them to get any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure they want – any at all.

It was done with the best of intentions. At the time it was first done, very few plastic surgeries took place. It was a surgery reserved for the disfigured primarily.

That all changed with Botox and Microdermabrasion. The school wanted to change the benefit at one point but an employee who was in a serious car accident needed extensive plastic surgery and the idea of eliminating it from the contract was dropped.

The teachers don’t really want the contract changed because the Triborough agreement mandates their raise increases continue at the same rate as their last contract. So they continue to get their raises and their 2.7% step increases.

It’s a win-win for them and the teachers love the free cosmetic procedures. They don’t even pay the deductible.

If teachers have to choose between doing what is right for the children and not laying off teachers, they will choose the plastic surgery.

It cost the district $9 million in 2009. Last year, it was $5.2 million. There are other benefits like free airline tickets, lavish conferences, and none of them help the children obviously.

Next year’s school deficit is projected at $50 million. Oh, and by the way, only a little over half the students graduate.

Buffalo’s fire and police have similar programs.

They claim they are willing to give it up but there negotiation tactics would say they are using it big time:

They say they don’t make a living wage but perhaps they mean they don’t make a glorious wage since they have gotten their annual raises, which are higher than the rate of inflation.

Their salary scale from 2004 can be seen here.

Check out all their salaries here.

Don’t forget to tack on the 2.7% step increases and don’t forget that it’s fairly cheap to live in Bufflo – it’s not Sacramento.

Check out the story at Today’s TV

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