Uh Oh, Al Sharpton Can’t Leave the Country



If you owe the IRS more than $50,000, your passport might be worthless. Congress is about to pass a law that will deny or revoke passports for all those delinquent taxpayers in arrears for more than $50,000, according to Wall Street Journal. The first person that comes to the mind of most of us is AL SHARPTON. He won’t pay his taxes.

The bill will take effect in January and is part of the new highway bill. The Congress hopes to collect $358 million in delinquent taxes over the next ten years. They should start with Al Sharpton who owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.5 million in state and federal taxes according to an investigation by The New York Times.

It’s not just Sharpton.

Federal workers and retirees owe the IRS $3.5 billion, according to data released in March. Last year, 3.3% of federal workers owed $3.3 billion.

It’s not known how many owe more than $50,000.

Congress is giving the IRS this new power because a decline in gas tax receipts has bankrupted the federal highway trust fund.

We all know the end result for Sharpton – Sharpton won’t pay and he won’t lose his passport! Unfortunately, he won’t go to jail either.

People have gone to jail for owing a lot less to the government including Chuck Berry ($200,000), Pete Rose ($354,968), Richard Hatch ($1 million+), Leona Helmsley ($1.7 million), Lauryn Hill ($1.8 million), Ron Isley ($3.1 million),




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