Uh Oh, Hillary Lied to the FBI


Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton were granted attorney-client privilege in a bizarre arrangement. Mills was a target of the investigation and, since when does the target of the investigation get to act as another target’s lawyer? We now know, thanks to Wikileaks, that they lied to secure this privilege. That shielded them from answering crucial questions but the jig is up.

According to Law Newz, Cheryl Mills claimed she learned about Clinton’s server only after defending Clinton during the legal struggle. She said that because she would not be able to claim this privilege for information she learned during her time as Clinton’s Chief of Staff so that timeline was crucial to this tactic she and Hillary planned.

She claimed she only learned of these relevant facts after she left State and became Hillary’s personal lawyer.

As an aside, in private, John Podesta told Neera Tanden that he thinks Mills is the one who told Hillary she could have a personal server.


As an example of how this gimmick shielded Hillary and Mills, during the FOIA deposition, Mills was asked a question about why Clinton started using the clintonemail.com system -.  Her attorney objected to the question, saying that was covered by attorney-client privilege.

Nobody knew the existence of classified intelligence on Clinton’s server until July 24, 2015.  

Hillary Clinton didn’t even turn over her server to the FBI until August 12, 2015.

However, aWikiLeaks email 31077 sent on March 7, 2015, from Cheryl Mills, proves she knew on this date about the entire arrangement. Mills wrote in the email, “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov

She was referring to a misstatement by Barack Obama she wanted to cover up and in doing so she shows why the attorney-client privilege doesn’t work.

Mills knew everything by March 7, 2015 and was actively involved in the cover up.

Mills wasn’t asked to turn over any documents and there weren’t legal battles before March 18, 2015; eleven days after the email was written.

Not only does this WikiLeaks email prove both Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI, but it highlights the questions they planned to evade. Citing a Weekly Standard piece, the Law Newz article explains the most vital question that Mills and Clinton managed to evade:

During the FOIA deposition, Mills was asked a question about why Clinton started using the clintonemail.com system.  Her attorney objected to question, saying that was also covered by attorney-client privilege.

“[Mills] — she learned this — refreshed her recollection — when she was acting as the Secretary’s lawyer, producing documents to the State Department,” Wilkinson said.

The FBI and State Department allowed Clinton and Mills to utilize this arrangement, without knowing Mill’s expressed concern before any legal battle regarding Clinton’s server.

While the WikiLeaks email also implicates President Obama, it shows Mills knew of Clinton’s server. With the FBI’s second criminal probe underway, the latest investigation is likely evidence of a botched cover-up. The FBI’s first probe relied on the belief that Mills didn’t know of Clinton’s server. With the evidence of a March 7, 2015 email, it’s clear the FBI has to have these two liars back in to answer the questions they said they didn’t have to answer because of the fraudulent attorney-client privilege excuse.

Clinton corrupts everyone and everything around her.

Martha Stewart was sent to jail for lying to the FBI and she was sent there by Jim Comey.

Read the details at The Daily Caller…

Mills is also the person Podesta told they would have to delete the 33,000 emails. The emails were under congressional subpoena. Look at the date. That also qualifies as intent.




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