UK Guardian Spreading the Myth of “Normal Pedophilia”



The American Psychological Association has left an opening for “normal pedophilia” and organizations such as NAMBLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love Association) have been advocating for legalization and normalization of pedophilia for decades.

Many in the liberal media now say that male pedophiles have less white brain matter and, through no fault of their own, are attracted to children. In other words, they deserve sympathy and are not accountable.

There are those on the left who will also say it doesn’t hurt kids.

Recently in Greece, the powers-that-be declared this crime against humanity a disability and gave pedophiles financial compensation for it, all this while Greece is exploding with debt.

Sex workers in “sex-positive” San Francisco are already protected and prostitution is normalized as a career option without proper consideration of the fact that the average age of entry into prostitution is about age 12. Their sex-positive society gives a free pass to human trafficking.

In November, Proposition 35, an anti-human trafficking ballot, passed overwhelmingly in California. A judge temporarily halted the measure.

The law forces sex offenders to notify law enforcement everytime they adopt a new online identity, which could allow websites to selectively restrict their comments. The ACLU is claiming it sets a problematic precedent. The ACLU is fighting it on the grounds that they are protecting anonymous free speech.

Some want to legalize child pornography, claiming it will lessen child sex abuse.

The Guardian published an article on January 2nd entitled, Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires to Light. To summarize, the article points out that academicians and psychologists disagree on what causes pedophilia, how much harm it creates, and whether we should be more sympathetic to pedophiles.

How anyone could write this garbage is hard to fathom. Of course pedophilia is perverse and harmful to children. Of course it is a vile crime against innocents.

Pedophiles and their supporters want us to debate this issue and not panic or react hysterically. I strongly support reacting with hysteria. There is no way this is a way of life that is in any way acceptable or normal. There is no way this should be discussed as something that can’t be helped. These people are revolting, responsible, and need to get help or go to jail.

I actually read one perverted article sympathizing with pedophiles on the grounds that they can’t help the way they are and develop a poor self-image because of society’s unfair characterization of them. I don’t care about their self-image. I care about the children. We all should. Pedophiles need to be held to account.

Read about the movement to normalize pedophilia here.



  1. Some…many… those… loverly words that don’t mean a damn thing in a serous discussion. Many could be ten in a national of 300 million.

    Exploiting a serious issue for political advantage is disgusting. You can repeat what SOME on the left will say, but SOME on the right will do it and not talk about it, or even rant against it.

    Typhoid Mary was NOT responsible for the fact that she was a disease vector, but they isolated her anyway. I don’t believe many child sex offenders can be stopped by any treatment, but they can be kept away from children. So, establish a colony on an isolated island and let them live out their lives there.

    But stop playing political games with it.

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