UK Healthcare Is the Bomb & It Could Soon Be Ours



The UK healthcare system is in trouble (you know, the system like the one we are going to get) because it is too expensive and the waits for care are too long. It is well-known that patients either seek private health insurance or die as a solution to the long waits so that is taken care of quite nicely.

The UK Prime Minister wants to do some privatizing to streamline and save money but he’s being heckled for his efforts. Once the “free” healthcare beast is integral to the system, it can never be extricated and it grows exponentially.

Underfunding leads the UK to have 12,000 more death rates than other EU countries and the main problem is they simply cannot afford it and there aren’t enough health professionals to handle the patients.

People end up in private insurance anyway – so give private companies a bigger share, right? Not likely, the beast in entrenched as it will soon be here.

Next, I will really have to write about the disaster that is Italy’s healthcare system. Read here: STL Today