UK Teachers’ Union Warns of Radical Islamic Plot to Take Over British Schools


Tahir Alam

Tahir Alam, chair of governors at the Park View School Academy.

Radical Islamists are allegedly plotting to take over some public schools in Britain for the purpose of indoctrinating youth in radical Islam, according to a British teachers’ union. The telegraph reported that this is the first time a teacher organization has weighed in on the plot uncovered last November.

More than 200 complaints and an anonymous letter have led the government to begin an inspection which has now expanded from four schools to twenty-one schools. It began in Birmingham but is believed to cover schools in other large cities.

The plot became known when the city council received an anonymous letter about a plot already in effect. It outlined a five-point plan on how radical Islamists could take over public schools.

The plan suggested it begin in poorer, Muslim areas with hard-line parents placed in the schools to agitate from within. It goes on to say that a policy of disruption should then begin with the expressed purpose of replacing all the leaders with Islamists.

The letter dubbed the plot Operation Trojan Horse, and said it is “totally invisible to the naked eye and allows us to operate under the radar. I have detailed the plan we have in Birmingham and how well it has worked and you will see how easy the whole process is to get the head teacher out and your own person in”.

The letter further stated that the plan has been successfully implemented in four schools: Saltley School, Adderley School, Regents Park Community School and Park View Academy.

Tahir Alam, the chair of governors, was mentioned as an originator of the plot. He has denied all accusations.

The National Association of Head Teachers said there are “concerted efforts” to infiltrate six schools in Birmingham and schools in other large cities. They also said that Islamists are putting pressure on schools to segregate classrooms and change teaching to reflect Islamic beliefs.

Muslims claim it’s absurd and the alleged plot is merely the rantings of an Islamophobic conspiracy.

An investigation now covers twenty-one schools in Birmingham but other cities are likely involved. The investigation is growing.

The Association said that the Islamists are trying to “alter” the “character” of the schools “in line with the Islamic faith.” They are attempting to sideline parts of the curricula and influence appointment of Muslim staff.

The union claims that Islamists are trying to replace the head teachers with radical Muslim staff and governors.

A report by the Department of Education said that girls in one school were made to sit at the back of the class and curricula were “restricted to comply with a conservative Islamic teaching”.

Staff and parents speaking anonymously to the media said that female teachers are bullied or ignored by male teachers, Arabic has replaced French, ultra-conservative dress codes are strictly enforced,  and a radical cleric and senior figure within al Qaeda was praised in an assembly.

The originator of the plot is allegedly Tahir Alam, who supposedly wrote a blueprint for the “Islamisation” of state schools in 2007. He has denied the charges and said he is giving children “hope and opportunity.”

This is the first time a teacher organization made a statement about the Islamization of schools.

Then there is the issue of the part-time schools in Britain.

About 95% of Muslim children go to secular schools but the remainder, a growing number, go to private schools or new state Muslim schools.

A bbc investigation uncovered the use of Saudi textbooks in these schools. Some of what they are teaching is: “Jews look like monkeys and pigs”, “Jews are cursed by God”, “birthdays are the practices of disbelievers and immoral people”, stonings, execution and amputations are just punishments for homosexuality and stealing.

Listen to this bbc report, it’s worth the time. You will be shocked:

According to bare naked Islam, the same plot is going on in seven Hamburg schools. In one school in Mümmelmannsberg, girls are told to cover up and the children are forced into communal prayer in the school yard.

Americans need to pay attention. It might save us a lot of misery later.