UN Caused Cholera Epidemic in Haiti But Won’t Accept Responsibility


The UN peacekeepers caused a cholera epidemic in Haiti while on a mission there. Haiti never had cholera before the UN brought it to their shores. The epidemic was caused by poor management of the UN’s own facilities.

UN's cholera epidemic Photo of cholera victims, lying sick and dying in a makeshift hospital in Haiti

The UN believes they are unaccountable. They will get away with this lack of culpability because they are an anonymous collective. Welcome to Socialism!

A Yale report places the blame for the cholera epidemic in Haiti squarely on the UN peacekeepers.

A group of international scientists studying the epidemic say the UN peacekeepers caused the epidemic which began in 2010 and has claimed 8,000 lives so far.

Sewage from a UN camp infested with cholera leaked into a river which reached into towns and villages.

The UN’s reaction is that they are immune from lawsuits. In their arrogant and pitiless Socialist souls, they believe they have no moral or legal responsibility.

They neither monitor their peacekeepers nor do they put them on trial. They don’t even fire them.

The US funds the UN peacekeepers to the tune of billions of dollars.

The wide-scale rapes by UN peacekeepers which have been going on for at least two decades have also been allowed to continue without UN action.

UN peacekeepers in the Congo are responsible for the rise of child prostitution in the region.

There are isolated cases of the host countries putting some perpetrators on trial but they are ineffective.

Last year, Pakistani peacekeepers were convicted of raping a 14-year old boy in Haiti. They received a mere one-year sentence from a Pakistani military tribunal. It was the first case of UN peacekeepers being held responsible.

Four Uruguayan peacekeepers were detained in Uruguay for raping a man. The charges brought by Uruguay were for ‘private violence.’ The rapists face three months in prison in this case.

There are innumerable cases of peacekeepers raping men, women and children to this day and the cholera epidemic in Haiti continues to claim lives.

Victims of the epidemic plan to sue the UN in a US court but, since the UN will not accept any blame, if the victims win, the US taxpayer has to pay the claims, not the UN.