Unbelievable Land Grab in Texas, BLM Moving Borders Now to Steal Private Land


Universal Free Press reports that our oppressive and tyrannical government is about to steal 90,000 acres from private land owners in Texas. The doer of the misdeed is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) again. The BLM were the culprits in the Bundy ranch cattle theft in Nevada. They not only stole rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle, they killed some of them and buried their bodies. They also damaged the Bundy land and their water pipes.

The BLM is only the tool. The real culprit is the Obama administration. This has been going on long before Obama however. It should have been stopped decades ago.

Our government is looking at 90,000 acres along the Red River and they are using tactics they won with thirty years ago. Thirty years ago, the BLM stole about 140 acres from rancher Teddyy Henderson, never paying him one red cent for it.

He took his case to court and, remarkably, he lost the case. The BLM won by moving the border between Texas and Oklahoma a mile south of where it was. BLM now wants land along a stretch about 116 miles, claiming that the land never belonged to Texas. They are moving the border again. Landowners vehemently deny the claim.

TX land grab

Red River land grab


The families affected have paid taxes on the property for centuries. These people have broken no laws.

BLM is claiming that the boundary, long defined as the vegetation line to the south of the Red River, has moved as the river moved.

The first victim of this scheme, Teddy Henderson, asks, “How can BLM come in and say ‘Hey, this isn’t yours’ even though it was patented from the state, you’ve always paid taxes on it, our family’s paid taxes for over a hundred years on this place. We’ve got a deed to it, but yet they walked in and said it wasn’t ours.”

BLM is going to use the previous lawsuit as precedent to steal the land.

The government has unlimited funds – our tax dollars. The federal government has forgotten that we are the government.

Listen to Teddy Henderson:

In February, a Minnesota family had their land seized along a lake so it could be used for a bike trail. The land was in their family for a century as well.


The government is stealing land that is the most valuable. They want us to move out of the open spaces and into congested cities or approved sites. They use any petty excuse they can think of and no one can stop them. Most of these cases are lost because of the costs involved and because of the liberal judges.

The Pacific Legal Foundation has been taking on a number of these cases pro bono.

One such case in California involves the Santa Monica Local Mountains Coastal plan. In that case, they aren’t stealing the land, they are just not allowing private land owners to do anything with it. The government is prohibiting architectural projects and is refusing to let them farm or grow crops on it.

Worse yet, owners have been told they have to set aside 75% of their land to open spaces without compensation. Lands included have never been restricted before.

It’s only going to get worse. Gina McCarthy, Obama’s henchwoman in the EPA is using the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act to control all property in the United States.

One landowner in Wyoming, Andy Johnson, is falling victim to an EPA Clean Water Act rule that hasn’t even gone into effect yet. His crime was to build a pond on his property.

One of the most significant driving forces in our Republic is the right to own land, to strive for the land, to work for the land. It gives people incentive. To leave land to one’s descendants has been an important part of our culture.

Stealing land is a fundamental transformation and we must not let it happen. We are the federal government. We decide, not some whiney bureaucrats in D.C.

Are you angry yet?