Unbelievable: Obama Plans to Do Nothing, Will Let the VA Investigate Themselves


VA motto

More than forty veterans have died waiting for care and there is now an investigation into 26 VA hospitals after a whistleblower at the VA hospital in Phoenix said that there was a secret list kept, one list was of veterans who would never be seen or would be put on extended wait times.

Democrats in Congress won’t pass a three-page bill to allow Secretary Shinseki the right to fire people. That is how powerful the union ties are to the Democratic Congress and to the president himself. The fact that they would even have to pass a bill is absurd.

Eight out of ten VA workers are unionized. They are the biggest obstacle to reform at the VA just as they are in education and other government organizations they control.

The only ones benefitting at the VA are the unions.

There are hundreds of people working at the VA who make six-figure salaries and they do nothing for veterans – they do union business.

Eric Holder has refused to investigate the possible criminal negligence at the Veterans Affairs Administration. President Obama gave a nice speech two days ago in which he outlined a plan to do nothing except wait for yet another report.

There are veterans waiting for care, some will die. Over 40 have died waiting for care that we we are aware of.

If Mr. Obama were serious about helping the veterans, he would give them vouchers to go to a doctor or hospital outside the VA.

Barack Obama ran for office on the issue of improving the VA.

Obama and Biden were briefed about the VA cooking the books in 2008. They knew there were secret lists. They were told repeatedly though Mr. Obama said he only just heard it on the news.

Now the Republicans have put through a three-page bill to give Secretary Shinseki the power to fire people. Can you imagine this? The Secretary can’t even fire anyone without a law!

The Democrats have delayed the three-page bill for at least two weeks because they claim they need time to read the bill. These are the same people who said you need to pass the bill to know what’s in it.

The president will not even commit to signing it!

The VA has had problems for decades. My father was a WWII vet. He waited years to be diagnosed with a hernia until it became so obvious that anyone looking at his abdomen could see he had a hernia. When he went in for surgery, they did it without anesthesia and just used a local. That’s when he got a job offering private insurance.

Nearby, we have Northport VA Hospital which had a scandalous history but they cleaned up their act. Even they have their issues. They paid millions for a cardiac catherization diagnostic unit but it sits unused because they couldn’t get the doctor to man it.

This latest VA scandal goes beyond the sheer incompetence one has come to expect from enormously big government bureaucracies. They are now killing people.

Megyn Kelly had an investigation on Fox News last night and I’ve compiled some of the clips in the next video:

Listen to Socialist Democrat (is that redundant?) Bernie Sanders show his concern or lack of it about the scandal. The VA holds up as well as other hospitals, he said, while admitting there are some problems. He has confidence in the VA investigating themselves. He doesn’t think the delays and the fraud is the issue. He thinks the issue is whether the deceased vets who never received care would have died anyway.  “People die every day, we don’t know why they die,” he said.

Listen to more VA horror stories: