Unbelievable Story of IRS Victimization


candid shot of the real Steven Miller Photo of the real Steven Miller and it’s not pretty

President Obama was infuriated by the SCOTUS Citizens United decision. He railed against it before the full Congress with the SCOTUS present. At the time, he gave listeners the false impression that foreign corporations and nationals would be allowed to contribute to elections. That was not true.

Citizens United came up at the IRS hearing last Friday:

It was around the time of the Citizens United case that the IRS began their targeting. If President Obama did not authorize it, he certainly created the atmosphere for it.

There were two issues at the IRS hearings on Friday – the process used and the target list.  Miller claimed neither were the result of targeting but merely the result of overzealous and efficient low-level employees who were overworked.

Miller admitted that this was going on at the height of the election season when both he, former Commissioner Shulman, and Lois Lerner claimed it was not going on.

During the testimony, Miller admitted that the release of the targeting information was slyly planned for an American Bar Association meeting. Instead of telling Congress, to whom they had previously lied, they decided to haver Lerner mention it at the ABA meeting. The lawyers at the meeting didn’t even know what was going on.

One of the many who was targeted was a businesswoman who organized a nonpartisan group called True the Vote.  Her case was brought up by her congressman at the hearing.

Catherine Engelbrecht is the victim and she is the president of True the Vote.

The harassment of Mrs. Engelbrecht, begun by the IRS, cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her story is unbelievable and she is only one of many.

The full interview on Huckabee should be posted on this link soon.

Who do you find credible?

Steven Miller, a man with a very obnoxious personality, said almost nothing and remembered almost nothing during the hearing. He is taking his tactics from the Obama-Holder-Clinton playbooks.