Under Socialism, People Can Always Break Into Zoos for Dinner, Eat a Horse


dead horse

This is what Socialism actually is.

A one of a kind horse in the Venezuelan zoo was eaten by starving Venezuelans who broke in. All they left was the head and ribs.

The animals are starving also with fifty having died from chronic shortage of food. Some hadn’t eaten for two weeks.

Vietnamese pigs and sheep are also disappearing

Zoos are reported to be in a terrible situation, forced to ask for donations of fruit, vegetables and meat from local businesses. Wardens are trying desperately to keep the animals alive.

President Nicolas Maduro blames the country’s problems on an ‘economic war’ waged by local opponents and the United States – of course.

Then there are the people who once were the entrepreneurial class who have to scrounge for food.

In May, this footage of was shot of middle class people forced to eat garbage.



  1. There is almost no media reporting of the descent of Venezuela into a starving dictatorship.
    The globalist socialists do not want us to see what is coming.

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